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  1. BattleGnome

    Where to get tiny little molds?

    Brambleberry has a few small molds but I think most of them are actually Wilton brand. There was one with sea shells/beach stuff but I don’t know if they still have it. WSP is the same but they had at cute flip flop mold at one point (I got mine in a kit, don’t know if it comes separate). I...
  2. BattleGnome

    Lady parts😬

    I can’t use more than 20% coconut oil for my sensitive bits, it’s just too harsh. I also like to cure my soaps at least three months, so your soaps might improve with age. It’s not uncommon to cure 100% olive oil at least a year before even looking at it, much lest testing it out. If the...
  3. BattleGnome

    Changing the concentration of Lye

    Here’s a link with some intro from our own @DeeAnna. She’s been a miracle worker in getting a lot of us to understand some of the science. to sum up: changing the lye concentration will change the amount of water in the soap. Changing the water content can change how fast a soap dissolves at...
  4. BattleGnome

    Can't anybody get regular sick anymore LOL

    ......I honestly don’t know how that autocorrected. I usually say variations of “what the f....” how do you get kitten from that?
  5. BattleGnome

    Trick or Treat

    we went to the only Halloween store in town last week and they didn’t have anything good. I know there hasn’t been a whole lot going on this year but even the costumes felt like they just took last years leftovers out of storage. The only thing that looked new were face masks and tights in...
  6. BattleGnome

    Trick or Treat

    Has anyone ever ordered from Oriental Trading? The seem to have a nice assortment of the stuff I’m looking for at reasonable prices. I’m more asking if they’re fast. I’ve only got 2 weeks after all
  7. BattleGnome

    Can't anybody get regular sick anymore LOL

    you would not believe the faces I’ve been making at everyone since March. I must mouth ”Kitten Love” at least twice a day a work with no one catching on.
  8. BattleGnome

    Trick or Treat

    I've been back and forth about having candy for trick or treaters or not participating this year or putting out gift bags/candy and hiding from the germs. I just brought the idea with my husband but I'm thinking of making small gift bags with a temporary tattoo and maybe a small toy. I'd like to...
  9. BattleGnome

    Does anybody like unscented soap?

    I’ll put in for a vote for the occasional unscented bar. Speaking on my soaps/house. Sometimes you get a scent that is way too strong and need something after/between bars of that batch to give myself a break. My husband uses my soap on his face but commercial products otherwise, sometimes the...
  10. BattleGnome

    Itchy skin using cp soap with 4 wk cure

    Another thing that could be contributing: do you have hard water? I think DeeAnna is pretty spot on about her olive oil substitution suggestions but another culprit could be hard water. I doubt it’s your main issue. Adding a chelating agent such as sodium citrate could alleviate some of the...
  11. BattleGnome

    Face mask recommendations?

    I have seen mask inserts to keep the fabric off of your face. They look like a muzzle you’d put on an anxious dog. I haven’t gotten any myself but it might be something to look into
  12. BattleGnome

    Essential Oil for Pumpkin Soap

    I’m pretty sure a basic pumpkin pie spice is : cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg im not sure I’d want those EOs close to my skin but you are on the right track for the blend. I’m pretty sure they all accelerate, so you’ll have to work fast and keep colors simple
  13. BattleGnome

    Face mask recommendations?

    What I have and should use more often is a furnace filter that is rated for viruses that I have cut up as a liner. Perfect, no? But it might help (especially since my area is reaching peak first wave). ive found Hanes (the underwear people) makes a mask that isn’t too bad but does fog my...
  14. BattleGnome

    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    My favorite recipe is 40% lard 20% each Shea, olive, and coconut 3 month cure minimum i think several people have switched out olive oil for using rice bran, so you may be able to switch a few % to use it up
  15. BattleGnome


    Numbers are way up by us. governor Whitmer announced my area rolling back a stage in the opening plan, two hours later the Michigan Supreme Court ruled she was overreaching her powers. I work in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities, a licensed adult foster care home. We have...
  16. BattleGnome

    Using sea glass in soap

    I dont think you’ve specified, is this COLD PROCESS soap made with glass or M&P with an embed? Was ACTIVE LYE anywhere near this glass? I’d run. I’d run hard. Can you report them to someone? lye etches glass and can cause it to shatter. Ignoring the instructions to remove the glass before use...
  17. BattleGnome

    Lip balm melting point, beeswax, and flavors

    I have no help for the melting point questions, thats science beyond my abilities. What I can add is a comment on flavor oils. The LorAnn brand candy flavoring has a lip balm recipe on their site. I won’t vouch for their recipe but I will count it as a manufacturer statement that their...
  18. BattleGnome

    Chicken Soup and Chicken TOT pie

    My coworker used to make a similar recipe at work and called it tater tot casserole. The super specific measurements I remember: brown a bunch of ground beef, add a bag of tots, add veggies, mix in extra cheese. The bake it all till the tots were done. I used to make a version where I added...
  19. BattleGnome

    The Guy At The End Of The Bar...

    The guys at the end of the bar aren’t happy I enrolled in an online course. One in particular keeps sitting on my study materials! It’s getting hard to write legible notes when I have a cat taking up the entire table so I have to balance my tablet and notes on my lap.
  20. BattleGnome

    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    What an adventure. I’m glad you were able to be there for your son and the family could work together but geeze, those tenants should have had to pay for something