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  1. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    I guess SL isn't a preservative in and of itself, TOMH, it just boosts the action of your chosen preservative. https://www.newdirectionsaromatics.ca/products/preservatives/sodium-lactate-preservative.html
  2. coffeetime

    PH Testing/results question

    This link goes to a thread from 2007 with no pictures for me...I can't seem to find her pics.
  3. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    Do you have any links to articles on SL having a preservative action in LS?
  4. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    So...it diluted beautifully, perfectly clear. Lather is more than typical. Leaves a slightly tacky feel when I washed my hands but that went away quickly. So basically, it seems fine.
  5. coffeetime

    BRV & More

    Very nice. How does sculpted soap work? Do you have to pour in separate batches? Is it CP?
  6. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    Thanks for responding ladies. I had to set the pot aside because I had two days of shows to attend. The soap is about half diluted (needs a bit more heat), but it has gone perfectly clear which surprises me. It was about 2kg of paste, so that's a lot of additional paste to make to bring the...
  7. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    I messed up! I was diluting my GLS tonight (I should not do this stuff at 3am!) and instead of using 3% SL, I somehow used 15%! I knew the mount looked too large, but I was using a calculator, so I thought it must be right. Arg. Has anyone used this much SL in GLS before? Any idea what it will...
  8. coffeetime

    Scenting LS...

    I use EOs in mine, at a total of 0.8%-1%, depending on the EO. It's plenty strong at that level.
  9. coffeetime

    Soap Pet peeves

    I haven't been on the boards much lately, but I have to add something to this thread. One of my pet peeves is with soap/cosmetic makers who do not understand that some things must have a preservative. I just met a soaper at a sale a couple of weeks ago that takes pre-made liquid soap, dilutes...
  10. coffeetime

    isopropyl alcohol & labeling

    I think the alcohol-free soaps may be referring to MP bases that use it? I'm not a MP soaper, so that's only a guess.
  11. coffeetime

    Anyone else make sauerkraut?

    I haven't been on here much lately (new job and gardening), so I just saw this thread. I'm a crazy fermenter too. Fermented radishes are awesome and so are dilly carrot sticks. I also do purple sauerkraut with carrot and dill pickles. Oh and yellow snap beans are awesome too! Can't wait for...
  12. coffeetime

    Comfrey leaves in soap - doesn't it get messy?

    Why not just grind the leaves into a fine powder and add the powder? Then, no clumpy leaves but still comfrey in the soap. I do that with carrot leaves and spinach.
  13. coffeetime

    Recipe with short shelf life

    Or grape seed oil. At 30%, it had DOS at two months in CPsoap.
  14. coffeetime

    Honey Soap

    In my experience, honey does not accelerate or add to rancidity in CP soap at all. My bars with or without honey last the same. And it does add to the bubble factor substantially. It also doesn't act as an antifungal or anything else, because it gets broken down into basically Sugar by the lye...
  15. coffeetime

    Costco finds

    Duh, I didn't think of it but most of you are in the US, right? I'm in Canada so our prices will be higher.
  16. coffeetime

    Costco finds

    Was the avocado oil on sale? I usually buy it there and it's about $14.
  17. coffeetime

    Testing Strip says 9, but it still zaps my tongue

    If it took a few seconds to feel a zap, it probably wasn't a zap. More likely a tingle from an FO or EO.
  18. coffeetime

    Superfatting LS help? (combining recipes)

    Initially, the standard 3%, then I added an additional 3%.
  19. coffeetime

    Superfatting LS help? (combining recipes)

    Update: My 1:1, 3% extra superfat GLS has now separated to form a ring of fat around the top of the bottle.
  20. coffeetime

    What % of EO do you add to liquid soap??

    I use 0.8% for my LS. With my orange EO I use the 10x so it's pretty strong. I also use lavender 40/42 and peppermint at the same rate.