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  1. DeeAnna

    Emulsifying Wax Separating/Clumping in Final Prodct

    An emulsifier needs to be intimately mixed using a high-shear mixer -- a stick blender in other words. You might be able to get by with a stand mixer or countertop blender, but I honestly question whether a whisk will work well without a lot of effort. I gather you are trying to make a...
  2. DeeAnna

    Yet another post on DOS...

    I'm leery of buying chemicals on Amazon unless I verify the supplier I'm buying from. There are too many reports of less reputable sellers somehow getting their products included in the same listing as reputable sellers' products. You don't always know who you're buying from if you click the...
  3. DeeAnna

    Yet another post on DOS...

    Save On Citric -- Search
  4. DeeAnna

    How do I use masterbatched ingredients?

    I agree there is a serious danger if you add lye solution to fat that has been heated above the boiling point of the lye. The cool lye sinks below the fat layer, turns into steam, and erupts into a geyser spraying fat and lye solution everywhere. Every so often someone reports an experience like...
  5. DeeAnna

    How do I use masterbatched ingredients?

    If you want to use a hot process method, soaping at 160-170F is most likely fine. But if you really want to do cold process, I suggest soaping no hotter than about 120F. Is there a reason why you're soaping so warm while still trying to use a CP method? If it has something to do with the myth...
  6. DeeAnna

    Emulsifying Wax Separating/Clumping in Final Prodct

    I agree with Obsidian and Carolyn. And you've given us almost no information so we can provide decent advice. The e-wax will clump if it cools before it's properly mixed, so you have to keep it sufficiently warm enough long enough and mix it in properly. How are you keeping the mixture warm...
  7. DeeAnna

    Melting soap?

    Yes, you can melt store bought soap ... but why? I agree with the others -- you'll have more fun and end up with a prettier and nicer product if you use a melt and pour base instead. M&P soap can also be ready in time for holiday gifts, if that is your goal. Brambleberry sells small amounts of...
  8. DeeAnna

    Stick blender vs whisk/spoon/spatula

    Soap made with an HP method don't HAVE to be stick blended more, but most people want HP soap to thicken up and saponify quickly and stick blending gets you there quicker. There's no benefit when making HP soap to keeping the batter at a liquidy, slow moving state like most people want when...
  9. DeeAnna

    Issues with Hair Conditioner Bar recipe

    @Michele M. -- Conditioners are lotions with ingredients chosen to be nice for hair. They're otherwise not all that much different than a body or hand lotion. You can make a super simple hair conditioner or body lotion with a blend of BTMS emulsifier, water, and a decent broad spectrum...
  10. DeeAnna

    Mens Body Wash

    The question I have for you -- what is the difference between a men's body wash and another type of body wash? Is it mainly a difference in scent or is there something about the cleansing ability or skin feel that distinguishes the two in your mind? I'm asking because if we know your goals and...
  11. DeeAnna

    Stick blender vs whisk/spoon/spatula

    Did you use lemon juice as a total replacement for the water? If so, it's entirely likely your batch failed due to the citric acid in the juice reacting with the sodium hydroxide. "...If I have to hand stir anyway, wouldn't it be nearly the same thing to only use a whisk for the same amount of...
  12. DeeAnna

    Brass stamp discolouring soap!

    Brass contains copper. Copper is Number 1 of the Ten Most Wanted metals that cause rancidity in fats and soap. I'm not entirely sure I'd assume plastic wrap is good enough because you don't want even a small trace of copper on soap.
  13. DeeAnna

    Using fresh lemon verbena leaves in cold process bar soap

    I take it you want to make an infused oil from the leaves? Or distill the essential oil? If you want to make an oil infusion, dry the leaves first and then steep them in the oil. Don't use fresh leaves to avoid bacterial and mold growth. You won't get much if any scent in the soap from an...
  14. DeeAnna

    Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

    I know at least one person has run into serious problems when she decided to use both vinegar and citric acid, both of which form salts when they react with lye. Salts in soap can be beneficial up to a point, but past that point, salts can turn the soap softer and/or rubbery. And salts...
  15. DeeAnna

    Too thin? or too thick?

    It needs to be water thin to work in a foamer dispenser. Have you got it that thin?
  16. DeeAnna

    Superfat and dissolving rate

    "...So the one that lost the most is soap B, which is funny because B is recipe A tweaked to make it slightly more longlasting ..." I gather you altered A by reduced the canola by 5% and increased the coconut by 5% to get B. I'm not sure why you thought this change would increase the longevity...
  17. DeeAnna

    Lavender and peppermint eos thicken my liquid soap too much

    I normally scent liquid soap at 0.5% to 1% based on the weight of finished product.
  18. DeeAnna

    Lavender and peppermint eos thicken my liquid soap too much

    Yes, various EOs can cause viscosity and texture changes in liquid soap. Have you thought about adding more water?
  19. DeeAnna

    Big Trouble Dissolving Caustic Soda Beads

    Rather than guess about it here, I recommend you go back to work and confirm whether the stuff in the container is truly 100% caustic soda aka sodium hydroxide aka NaOH. It wouldn't be the first time that an empty container was filled with stuff that's different than what the label says. It's...
  20. DeeAnna

    Liquid Soap for Hard Water

    Are you still talking about the topic of using citric acid to make a citrate chelator in your soap? If you are, this specific issue has nothing to do with lye heavy soap and the pH of said soap, so please let's not get lost in the weeds. If you want to discuss these topics, please start a new...