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  1. Mobjack Bay

    SMF August 2020 Challenge - Zig Zag Cosmic Wave Technique

    I’m seeing some darn nice soaps up there. As for colors, I’ve found that contrasting colors look increasingly brown as the lines get thinner, unless I use a high proportion of white in between the the layers. It’s been a crazy few weeks of making the final preparations to start the fall...
  2. Mobjack Bay

    SMF August 2020 Challenge - Zig Zag Cosmic Wave Technique

    1. msunnerstood. Im a glutton for HP Punishment 2. Jersey Girl- Looking forward to trying this technique. 3. sarahmarah-I’m down. Looks fun. 4. MissChief - only because I need to make more soap.... seriously! 5. SudsyJurn- first time in a challenge, yay! 6. AliOop - already thinking about...
  3. Mobjack Bay

    GW 415 - Soy Wax

    That’s terrific! I’m also relieved that my calculations worked out (whew).
  4. Mobjack Bay

    SMF July 2020 Challenge - Welded Soap

    Congratulations to all on the wonderful entries.
  5. Mobjack Bay

    What are these tiny spots

    I think it was @jcandleattic who shared a tip with me a month or two ago about waiting a bit longer to cut with a wire cutter if I’m seeing bubble bumps. I haven’t made much soap since then, but my limited results are promising.
  6. Mobjack Bay

    What are these tiny spots

    Oh, sorry for the confusion. I don’t soap at the temperature I use for melting the oil. Once the hard fats are clear, I add the liquid oils and bring the temp down to my working temp. That could be as low as 90F for a lard-based soap, or as high as 115-120F for soy wax.
  7. Mobjack Bay

    The Indigo and Jagua Blues

    I’m using a bit of the lighter one in the shower and it has possibly faded a little bit. I will need to dig one of the darker ones out of storage to check on the color.
  8. Mobjack Bay

    What are these tiny spots

    Pretty soap! I have been able to reduce stearic spots significantly by making sure that my melted fats are absolutely crystal clear before I add the lye. I can’t give you an exact temperature because I’ve found that some fats are more stubborn than others. My soy wax melts crystal clear at...
  9. Mobjack Bay

    What’s the madder with my madder?

    Interesting, so are you saying that adding madder tea to lye does not produce the same result as adding madder powder directly to the lye? That will send me back to check my notes because I was fairly certain that I had tried it both ways with similar results. I was going to blame this color...
  10. Mobjack Bay


    Sorry to hear you have been having health issues. I hope you start feeling better soon.
  11. Mobjack Bay

    What’s the madder with my madder?

    Well, it’s all the more annoying because I used EOs that I definitely didn’t want to waste. I will get over it...
  12. Mobjack Bay


    I have some luck with swirling clays, which I hydrate in water. IMHO, Holly of Kapia Mera soaps is one of the masters of using clays in complex soap designs. She hydrates the clays in water, soaps at room temp (mid to high 80s, I think), and uses recipes that are high in liquid oils. You can...
  13. Mobjack Bay

    What’s the madder with my madder?

    I guess this one becomes my first fall soap. The pink in the ungelled soap is just what I was hoping for. The gelled loaf, not exactly what I had in mind. This was madder tea added to the lye. I’ve done madder in lye before, so I have no idea why this happened. The only thing I can think of...
  14. Mobjack Bay

    Nurture Soap Blackberry Mica Question

    Focus on the pointy layers! Great pointy layers! And, FWIW, I like the grey layer. As for a purple, Cheshire Cat works well for me, but it might not be quite the shade of purple you were going for.
  15. Mobjack Bay

    SMF June 2020 Un-Challenge - Half & Half

    @bookreader451 That’s the cheeriest soap in my day. It looks like summer!
  16. Mobjack Bay

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am super impressed that you swirled a 50% palm recipe. It looks good.
  17. Mobjack Bay

    Mother Earth

    Great soap! It’s a really nice rendition of Earth and the moon.
  18. Mobjack Bay

    First HP Swirls

    They look great! I love that green.
  19. Mobjack Bay

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I think you need to make at least one pie with your lovely leaf lard! The only soapy thing I did today was cut a madder colored soap I made yesterday. It turned orange when it gelled. Huh???? First time I had that happen. The ungelled leftover soap is a lovely pink...