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  1. cerelife

    Royalty Soaps and Fragrance Oil Usage

    I love watching Katie Carson's videos because she's just so fun and wholesome! I'm not a big fan of her swirls (I prefer Ione's more delicate swirls for Eve's Garden Soaps), but I like seeing her use micas from her vast supply and I appreciate that she gives the names and suppliers of said...
  2. cerelife

    Glow In The Dark Mica

    I just ordered some from NS yesterday and the info says it can be mixed with other colors to provide glow. https://nurturesoap.com/products/glow-in-the-dark-pigment?_pos=1&_sid=ab14ec564&_ss=r
  3. cerelife

    Pull Through tips & tricks.

    I totally agree. Your pull-through soaps are amazing!!
  4. cerelife

    Bad Butter

    I'm confused. Are you selling your soap?
  5. cerelife

    Mica question (s)

    I just wanted to add that when I'm doing swirls or stripes I split off my batter at emulsion - I do NOT wait for light trace!
  6. cerelife

    Mica question (s)

    Both Mad Micas and Nurture micas provide pics of the end result in cured CP soap, so that's a great jumping off point! I've always assumed that the measurements provided were added to directly to the soap batter and this assumption has worked well for me so far. Personally I add mica directly to...
  7. cerelife

    What's your Royal Name ?

    Lord Minou Pickled Quail Egg of Kroger Technically it should be Lady but Minou is a boy so he disagreed!
  8. cerelife

    Oregon Trails fragrance oils

    Mysore Sandalwood Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific German Chamomile Tea Peche de Vigne OMH
  9. cerelife

    Silicone Molds

    I'll take them all if they are still available.
  10. cerelife

    Anxiety lol

    Or, yep you're going to need an 18g! On the rare occasion I see an ER patient with a 16g I'm like: "Whoa....you really made someone angry!" But seriously - soaping is very similar. You'll gain the same confidence in your abilities and knowledge and then soaping becomes zen-like!
  11. cerelife

    Anxiety lol

    Kim, remember when you were a new CT tech - how when you started the power injector and were thinking "Please don't let the IV blow/please don't let this patient have a reaction/puke/etc?" But now you know how to deal with all the things that could go wrong when they DO go wrong, so you just...
  12. cerelife

    This turned out to be an ugly soap.

    I think it looks great and your swirls are gorgeous! I actually make something similar - on purpose :) Like Obsidian - I have an FO that I love but it discolors to a deep dark chocolate color and I pour out about an eighth of my batter before I add the FO. That portion is colored with Mad Micas...
  13. cerelife


    Yep, we're getting a ton of these as well as excessive amounts of CTA Head/Neck studies. DESPITE the fact that contrast administration is contraindicated for Covid patients due to the propensity for renal failure!! And as for the mask debate...I've actually had people get snarky with me for...
  14. cerelife

    Best colorants for CP soap?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your goats!!!! I want to pet them all!!! My favorite silver/grey mica is Satin Grey Pillowcase from Mad Micas. It's the best I've ever found for a pretty light silvery grey in cured CP soap. Perfect for Cheerio :)
  15. cerelife


    @Catscankim I feel your pain!! We've been cleaning our own CT rooms from the beginning because it's faster and we do it better and more thoroughly than EVS. We also have our air filtration tested weekly in each of our 3 CT rooms to make sure we remain at a 25-minute turnaround time. For those of...
  16. cerelife


    Beautiful!! And the design on the top is unique and a really nice touch!
  17. cerelife

    Fragrance Body - MW Fragrance Recommendations

    Fragrance Buddy is currently having a 25% off sale with the code PROMO4, so I ordered a few scents that are new to me. Bob's Flower Shop (thanks math ace for the knowledge that it smells like my favorite flower - carnations!) Ancient Incense Monkey Farts (since the reviews said it did NOT...
  18. cerelife


    I'm interested. minoubleu504@gmail.com
  19. cerelife

    Some serious scent retention!

    That's an easy answer! Not one single person has ever asked me anything at all about DEP or phalates in general. That said: I've worked in healthcare for 20 years and would never intentionally use a product in my soaps/lotions, etc. that I felt was harmful. My understanding is that the amount of...
  20. cerelife

    Some serious scent retention!

    @math ace, I think Stacy is old-school like a bunch of us. 1oz ppo was the max recommended rate for most FOs in soap, and you just played around to see if you actually needed that much. I've used her FOs for years at this amount without any problems, but you can call or email her to get the IFRA...