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    Ostrich Oil?

    Man. You guys are awesome! I'm going to talk to the ostrich farmer and see if he'll put the quarts on sale for this forum so people can try it. More to come! :)
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    AD: Ostrich Oil Gallon Sale!

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. We are overstocked in OSTRICH OIL! SoapMakingForum.com folks have been AWESOME! Here are the...
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    Ostrich Oil?

    Everyone is being super helpful, thank you! Ostrich Oil and Emu Oil are similar (both ratites), but ostrich oil is higher in the Omega Fatty Acids and therefore considered to be more valuable in terms of essential oils. Given the encouragement here, I'm going to post our gallon jugs on the Ad...
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    Ostrich Oil?

    Yes, Ostrich Oil is good stuff! Sorry to be a little "sales-y," but as a matter of interest: *Ostrich oil is almost identical to human oil except that it is much superior because of its high percentage of essential fatty acids. Ostriches convert the vegetable oil from the seeds they...
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    Ostrich Oil?

    To oil an ostrich you just squeeeeezzzee really hard! ha ha! :smile: JK. It's part of the fat rendering process during slaughter. We have high standard for our birds (before and after processing): Our ostrich oil is processed and the fat is rendered in an FDA approved processor. Thank you for...
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    Ostrich Oil?

    Hi. Im curious as to whether people feel that OSTRICH OIL useful in soap making. Do you have experience with it? Do you think it's a good product? Do you have any issues with using it or in finding it? We are over-supplied in pure oils and wondering who can use it (besides us for skin...