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    Why i have this huge uniform discoloration?

    I Used a lavender mica and a lavender EO. I gel it by wrapping it with a towel at room temperature(35 c). And this is the result, a huge discoloration. Is it mica, EO or geling to blame?
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    Spider ugly look

    Hi, i have made my New batch 3 days ago, after 2 days while unmolding and cutting i have noticed that there are a lots of somthings look like a spider web at the vallyes as per pic. I Used ethanol instead of isopropyl! Or maybe it is the EO that i Used?
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    Rubbing Alcohol

    HI there I have ethanol 71% but i don't have an isopropyl alcohol(rubbing), are they the same in removing the soda ash? Thanks
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    Hi, i am new new in soap making, i have did successfully a castile soap and the result was amazing. My question is: is the Palm oil we use in cooking and being sold every where in markets is good for soap, i assume it is a fully hydrogenated one?thanks