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    Making large batches of melt and pour soap

    i Was wondering how you all make large batches of Mp soap. This lady I buy soap from will make like 9 10 batches of MP soap that are all identical looking and I have a hard time believing she’s only doing one batch (about 3lbs of soap) at a time, for all of em. I really want to make more soap...
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    Struggling with the math involved in soap making

    I am not going to lie, math is not really my thing and its causing a lot of frustration with this soap making process. I bought this soap making book, but all the recipes are for 2 bars of soap (using only 14oz of soap base for example). For the most part I'll be making soap in my 2lb mold. How...
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    A few MP questions

    Hi there everyone: ) I too, am new to the MP soap making world. I made my 3rd batch today , and finally didnt burn some of the soap ‍. I have a few burning questions that have been current soap making issues of mine. Sorry for the novel ahead, but i didnt want to make multiple posts. I really...