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    New years resolutions

    Maybe it's a little soon for this topic, but oh well. What are your goals for next year? How did you do on last years resolutions? Me? First of all I totally flaked out on last years resolutions which included the typical exercise schedule, diet, write in my journal sort of thing, but I think...
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    Gift idea help please

    My father in law is the type of guy who has EVERYTHING. He has a lof of money so he pretty much has everything he wants. I know he's really into technology, computers and high tech gadgets, but I'm sure he's already got everything that's even remotely in my price range. I really want to get him...
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    The animal game

    Another game! Ok, this is the animal game. It goes in alphabeticl order starting with A. I'll start by naming an animal that starts with the letter A. The next person has to post one that starts with the letter B and so on. First animal: Alligator
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    The word association game

    Ok, here's how this one is played. I'll start with a word. The next person has to post a word that relates to the previous posted word. Here's the first word: Goldfish
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    Homemade gifts

    How much of your gift giving this year will be homemade gifts? What are you making? I made my mom curtains for her kitchen along with some candles to fit her kitchen's theme. I'm making my husband a bag for his snowboard and a matching bag for his gear. Most of my acquantances are getting soap...