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    Problem when cutting soap

    "...The edges crumbled off the bottoms...." I'd say you waited far too long to cut. When soap gets brittle, you will see this kind of crumbling -- the last bit of the uncut soap breaks apart as the blade nears the end of the cut. Every soap is different, so you will need to test as Susie...
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    Lye Pockets?

    not sure I am not sure what it was like exactly, but it was not pleasant. It didn't feel sharp, or burning but sort of a tingle and a little bitter. I am very nervous about using it now though.
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    Lye Pockets?

    zappy Yes, the liquid seems to be zappy when touched to my tongue, there are other small pockets, this one seems to be the largest, I am positive my measurements were ok. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong but as I was stirring the lye I noticed a hard layer of it on the bottom of the...
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    Lye Pockets?

    I have been making soap for a little over a year, I have never had a major problem with a batch, until this week. I am not 100% sure what went wrong but I suspect I poured the lye in the coconut milk too quickly, and I think my lye liquid was too cold. The silk did not dissolve well at all...