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    Unexpected glycerine (?) rivers

    Hello all, I made some soap the other night which I have just cut, only to discover what I think are glycerine rivers (pic below). I know this can happen if too much water is added to the soap, but I used the normal amount I do for all my soaps and I've never had this problem before, so I was...
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    Q: Witch Hazel / Tea Tree Oil

    Hello all, I've been having a bit of a skin outbreak of pimples lately, and it made me think about trying to make some soap to help. If I were to use Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil, for instance, how would you guys use them? I.E. What percentages etc.? I am making the assumption that the WH...
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    Play-dough type smell?

    So, I made some soap yesterday, in the process of testing out a new recipe. I used a 2:1 Water - Lye ratio, and used FO at 3% of the oils. Throughout the stirring process, the FO smelt great, but after cutting it, there is a not so pleasant Play-Dough type smell coming from the soap. Could this...
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    Coffee Fragrance Query

    Hi all, So, I have my lovely batter which gives me a lovely long working time. Until it meets coffee fragrance, it seems. I added the fragrance just before light trace and blended for another 15 seconds, maybe. Before I knew it, the batter had seized and I was digging it out of the mixing bowl...
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    Best place for CP Micas?

    Hello, Has anyone got any recommendations on where to buy micas for cold process soaps in the UK? I've looked at a few sites, but I'm not entirely convinced by their legitimacy. Cheers, Andy
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    Q: Lye 'pockets'?

    Hi all, I tested a new soap the other day using a recipe from a book. I used all the same ingredients as called for in the recipe; however, I noticed the following morning when it had set that it looked kind of 'streaky' and patchy in places. Could this be lye pockets? Picture below. It seized...
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    Oat milk in soap making

    Hello all, I'm thinking of making a soap with some oat milk incorporated, and I have 2 questions: 1) Can I use store bought oat milk, or would I need to make my own? 2) Given it is really just oat infused water, does this count towards my water content - or do I create the recipe as if this...
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    Emulsifier Question

    Hi guys, Obviously I know what emulsifying wax is, but the brand that I've come across here contains SLS, which isn't technically problem, but if I use the lotion I've made right after I've washed my hands and they're not quite dry, then it tends to work into a bit of a lather and I have to...
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    Preventing 'bleaching'

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on the 'best' dyes/pigments to use in soap making to prevent the soaps 'bleaching' when out on display? Or any tips and techniques for helping prevent this? I admit that the ones I am using at the minute are dirty cheap ones, so...
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    Question re bath bombs

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I was just wondering if anyone might have any insight in to this: I finally perfected my bath bomb recipe (or so I thought, recipe below), however, I recently had an issue whereby one of the bath bombs I had made and was drying suddenly expanded slightly and...