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  1. IslandSoap

    Cucumber 🍈

    Made this today.
  2. IslandSoap

    Change of seasons...Humidity😐

    What can I do to protect my soap— cured and curing— from humidity. They look like they are sweating😳. I know the obvious— get them out of the humidity.. but right now we do not have the air conditioner in. Any tips/tricks that the experienced here have? Thanks in advance.
  3. IslandSoap

    Question about “ How you market your soap”

    Hi!! First, let me start off by saying I am a beginner since January.. so I am not selling my soap... even though I have enough to last a year or so (😳), but I have looked at Etsy sites and even on Instagram and see people selling their soaps and “ making claims” about them.. which, I would...
  4. IslandSoap

    Question about using wine in soap

    Hi everyone! Probably a dumb question, but I’d like to make a wine soap. I’ve made a couple beer soaps successfully.. so I understand the whole concept of boiling the alcohol out first and letting the beer sit in the refrigerator for a day to get rid of the carbonation, and I understand that I...
  5. IslandSoap

    New soap maker here!

    Hi everyone! Sooo.. I had bought some handcrafted cold processed soap over the years.. and decided to try my hand in it.. bought a few kits from Brambleberry, watched soap queen, bought a few soap making books, and have followed a few “ tried and true” recipes from SQ along with making some of...