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  1. coffeetime

    LS help needed

    I messed up! I was diluting my GLS tonight (I should not do this stuff at 3am!) and instead of using 3% SL, I somehow used 15%! I knew the mount looked too large, but I was using a calculator, so I thought it must be right. Arg. Has anyone used this much SL in GLS before? Any idea what it will...
  2. coffeetime

    Chemist needed!

    Completely not about soap, but I wonder if someone could tell me the result of a particular chemical reaction? It would be ascorbic acid with chloramine. I'll find the chemical names for them. BRB. It would be C6H8O6 + NH2Cl in water. It's my understanding that the ascorbic breaks down the...
  3. coffeetime

    Citric acid as a chelator

    I live in an area with very hard water, and I wondered if it is advisable to use a little citric acid in with the KOH? Would that act as a chelator for hard water? I searched the liquid soap board but the only references I found were for using CA to neutralize. I did look up potassium citrate...
  4. coffeetime

    Dilution issue

    I went to dilute my first batch of LS, as mentioned in a recent thread, and have run into an issue. I used 100g paste and 75g water (way to small an amount, I know now), and used Irishlass' tip about adding sodium lactate. It took awhile to soften the paste but I was eventually able to stick...
  5. coffeetime

    I did it! Thank you, Irishlass et al!

    I finally made liquid soap tonight using IL's CP method and it seems to have worked. I was absolutely gob-smacked when the bubbles started to fly. (Nope, not English, but I love the phrase.) It went through all the stages just as described. So thank you, it was so much simpler than I had...
  6. coffeetime

    d-limonene usage

    I make a laundry stain bar that is 100% coconut oil soap and was thinking of adding d-limonene for extra power. Has anyone done this? What were your results?
  7. coffeetime

    Hemp oil

    I have been given some hemp oil to play with, and I have not used it before, although I've been wanting to. The search function has failed me- I was thinking of trying 10% and subbing it in for apricot kernel in a recipe I like. Has anyone worked with hemp oil? Is 10% a good starting point?
  8. coffeetime

    Painted on pencil line?

    I was brainstorming for a new look for a new scent of my soap, and thought of mixing cocoa powder in a bit of oil to make 'paint' and then brushing or smoothing it on to make a pencil line, instead of using a dry powder. Has anyone done this? Does it help to avoid the perils of separation at the...
  9. coffeetime

    pH challenge by Dr. Kevin Dunn

    This was posted on Facebook this morning. It applies to both bar soap and liquid. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1080560095293056&id=123574497658292 Hopefully that link works. You might need to be on Facebook to see it.
  10. coffeetime

    Felted castile soap

    Hi all, I looked through the old threads on felted soap but didn't find an answer. Has anyone felted 1-year old Castile bars? A friend wants to try it and I didn't know if it would make the lather better or worse?? Has anyone tried it?
  11. coffeetime

    Neem Oil in Canada

    I've searched the threads but can't find this mentioned. I have some neem oil and I would like to make soap to sell but I'm wondering if this is a good idea. Why? Because we aren't allowed to make any therapeutic claims on the labels and I don't know if the average Canadian will even know what...
  12. coffeetime

    On the soap 2go topic...

    Look what I found in a gift shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
  13. coffeetime

    Carrot leaf in CP

    I made a test batch last night with dehydrated powdered carrot leaf. It made a pretty green speckle. It held its colour through the process. Not sure yet if it will stay green or be scratchy. Next time I have carrot greens I will dehydrate and make an oil infusion to see how that works.
  14. coffeetime

    Avocado Coffee Soap

    Just sliced it, not cleaned up yet. Scented with cocoa absolute and peppermint. Coloured with green clay. Smells divine! the colour is a little more green than the photo shows.
  15. coffeetime

    A cool article on how water-discounting effects cp

    http://auntieclaras.com/2014/08/intentional-crop-circles-water-discount-as-a-design-tool/ I thought the ash observations were really neat. But, I have not had coffee yet this morning so I will have to re-read it in a bit to really absorb the data. Enjoy! And I look forward to hearing what...
  16. coffeetime

    My first lye volcano!

    I decided to shortcut the process because I was in a hurry and added my honey to the cold water, then stirred in the lye rather quickly and blammo! Luckily I had my lye/water container inside a stainless steel pot full of cold water. Only a little bit got on the stove and none on me. Cleaned up...
  17. coffeetime

    Queen Elizabeth's Hats-not spam!

    I thought the titile looked a little spammy. :mrgreen: I saw this article on canoe.ca and all I could think of was soap! Wouldn't soap based on QEII's hats be gorgeous? I'm obviously completely mad....:crazy: http://lifewise.canoe.ca/Microgalleries/Royals/2014/04/21/21617011.html#1
  18. coffeetime

    Carrot tops

    Has anyone tried using the green leafy tops of carrots as a colourant in CP? I have two bunches and wondered if I could use it like spinach powder.
  19. coffeetime

    CP soap as shampoo

    I have tried now for weeks at a time on three different occasions to wash my hair with CP soap. I tried Gennys recipe, I've tried various of my own recipes, but I can't do it. Not because of poor results, it makes my hair clean and lovely- it makes my hair fall out!! Has anyone else had this...
  20. coffeetime

    Ash on Castile

    I've noticed something and just wondered if anyone else had. I accidentally bought non-organic EVOO and made a batch of Castile. Didn't realize until I made a subsequent batch, but switched that one out before it was too late. What I noticed is that the one batch with regular EVOO went very...