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  1. IslandSoap

    Cucumber 🍈

    Lol... my girlfriend said..” oh the orange looks like the sun!” I said..” actually, it’s suppose to represent a melon ball”😂😂😂
  2. IslandSoap

    Cucumber 🍈

    Hi!! Here is how this soap turned out. 😊.
  3. IslandSoap

    Hello from Ohio

    Hi Devin! I’m formerly from Ohio..( Northeast) left 10 years ago, and having some serious issues with missing my former state at this time.
  4. IslandSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Mad Micas Grape Ape, Neon green, and Harold’s Purple Crayon.
  5. IslandSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thank you!!😊
  6. IslandSoap

    Cucumber 🍈

    Thank you!!😊
  7. IslandSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made.... 🍇 soap today. 😊.
  8. IslandSoap

    Cucumber 🍈

    Made this today.
  9. IslandSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made this yesterday. Smells like Hawaiian Punch.
  10. IslandSoap

    Post your Gripe

    I have found that I’m more exhausted after having to wear a mask for 12 1/2 hours straight. 😐. On my days off, it’s a struggle to just “ catch up” to the cleaning, grocery shopping, etc...
  11. IslandSoap

    A pretty design for accelerating FOs?

    Those are beautiful 😊
  12. IslandSoap

    Change of seasons...Humidity😐

    Just a note about my soaps. Well.. the Damprid really did not help... but after 2 days of “ sweating soap”, the humidity dropped and the soaps no longer felt oily. No discoloration, nothing😊.( and the air conditioner went in). Also I noticed that my soaps that I had used the shrink wrap on did...
  13. IslandSoap

    Change of seasons...Humidity😐

    I moved the soap racks downstairs to the basement with the dehumidifier, put the racks in a large box along with a large container of Damp Rid. Hope that does the trick. 👍
  14. IslandSoap

    Change of seasons...Humidity😐

    What can I do to protect my soap— cured and curing— from humidity. They look like they are sweating😳. I know the obvious— get them out of the humidity.. but right now we do not have the air conditioner in. Any tips/tricks that the experienced here have? Thanks in advance.
  15. IslandSoap

    Soap hardening too fast during saponification

    Wow... just seeing that amount of lye in the recipe tells me it’s too much. Run your recipe through the soapmakingfriend on this site.
  16. IslandSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made this wonderful watermelon soap last night😊. I read the reviews about the fo ... was prepared for ricing and acceleration. Well... no ricing at all... but it did accelerate.. which worked out well for the pouring.. or should I say “ spooning” into the mold. It smells fabulous!!
  17. IslandSoap

    Where do I start?

    The melt and pour is just that. I love the water and sea creatures and wanted to make something kids would like ( plus me) I got a little dolphin silicon mold and some other ocean themed silicon molds and made those first. I used lab colors in clear melt and pour base to keep the “ water” “...
  18. IslandSoap

    Problem after being cured

    Looks like partial gel. Has had to have been there since u cut it, but probably more noticeable with the change in color of the soap with curing. JMO.