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  1. Wendy90292

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I've made about 25 batches over 2 years. I've collected recipes from various books and websites, some by AnnMarie. There are a few I like well enough, although many of them seem to have one problem or another: they distort the mica colors when added; they dissolve too quickly (less than 2...
  2. Wendy90292

    Rose FO or EO?

    Hello everyone! I'm getting deeper into soap making *thank you Covid-19* and I'm trying to find a good supplier for Rose essential or fragrance oil. When I began, I bought a big brown jar of it, but along the way I used it up and now I cannot figure out where I bought it nor whether it was...
  3. Wendy90292

    Diffusion of micas question

    You know how Ann Marie talks about diffusing X tsp of mica in X T of some kind of oils, often sweet almond? When I am using a NON-Brambleberry recipe, I don't know how to decide whether I should... Use a portion of the lightest oil already included in the recipe to dissolve Add a portion in a...