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    The Scent Works Out of Stock

    Does anyone have an update on TSW. I have been waiting to order some oils for several weeks and they are out of A LOT of fragrances. A couple more lately have gone to low stock. Are they just selling out and not restocking anything, or is it normal for them to be out of soooo many FO at one...
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    ISO Cucumber FO

    Hello, I am looking for a cucumber fo that is true to a real cucumber, like one you just took out of the refrigerator and cut open. I have seen cucumber mint, cucumber green tea, etc. I am looking for plain old cucumber that has a good stick in CP or HP. I have done a quick search here, but...
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    Pink Sugar Failure

    Ok, so I HP my soap, and I read so many reviews on Pink Sugar FO. The description of it sounded like something I would want to make, so I strolled into Sephora and smelled some Pink Sugar Lotion. It smelled just like the description. From what I could gather, many versions of Pink Sugar were...
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    The Scent Works worth it?

    I have identified three fragrances I would like to add to my list from the scent works. I read the reviews on the soap scent review. I added three four ounce bottles and go to check out......55$ for 12 oz. of FO with shipping. The shipping alone was 12$ and I live one state away. I ordered...
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    How to test FO/EO in hot process

    What is the best way to test FO/EO in hot process soap. I am basically trying to test the smell, strength, how long it lasts, etc. Is it best to make a 2 pound batch and scoop out 4 ounces of soap and add the appropriate grams of FO for 4 oz? Or is it better to do 1 pound batches of HP? I...
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    Shaving Soap Burns Face

    Hello, Has anyone had an experience with a soap causing a mild burning/tingling? I am moving on from making soap with grocery store oils, and I decided I would like to try a shaving soap. I purchased several samples online to get a good feel for what a popular shaving soap feels like. The...