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  1. Zeb Lisik

    Soda Ash Woes

    @Rsapienza i agreed, that's how I feel. What is the lowest ratio you've gone down to? Lol I hadn't done less than 2:1. What other benefits did you see?
  2. Zeb Lisik

    Shout-out to DeeAnna

    Agreed. Thanks very much! I've read plenty off her website and her posts here. Well written, informative and bears out in practical application. Also useful for rereading haha
  3. Zeb Lisik

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I just shaved with a shaving cream puck I got on Amazon years ago, read the ingredients and felt inspired to attempt to make my own. I also use a dove unscented liquid I put on after which really soothes which I'd love to make. I wouldn't call it 'after shave' per se (it's not a stinky cologne...
  4. Zeb Lisik

    Goat's milk soap leaves terrible-smelling residue... like hair perm/burning almost?

    If you think it could be temperature related ...it may be helpful to review, tighten up or improve the process. ....Ive had many mixed results and fails with milks..... I have done frozen goat milk with an ice bath and still had a color change(but no bad smell), due to poor technique. The...
  5. Zeb Lisik

    Soda Ash Woes

    Haha revive the old threads? Everyone is talking about water discounts, but that's a bit unspecific. What lye % or water to lye ratio worked for you in eliminating soda ash? I've been doing 2:1 water to lye without Soda ash, but I sometimes want to increase the water to slow trace but still...
  6. Zeb Lisik

    Economical and eco friendly packaging

    @Dawni Looks pretty good. I guess you'll know if it stays with just a tie by using it for a while. I'm finding paper wrapping bars of soap so tedious for my big dumb fingers hahaha Let me know how well it all stays together
  7. Zeb Lisik

    hello from Vietnam

    @Dawni Thanks for the detailed reply. My experience seems very similar, I guess that's a bit reassuring? haha For the life of me I can't find high-oleic sunflower and canola. Almost all sunflower here is imported from Russia and is +70% polyunsaturated! Avocado and walnut oil is very expensive...
  8. Zeb Lisik

    Economical and eco friendly packaging

    Have you ever heard of rice glue? You can easily make it yourself. It's been used in Asia for literally ages. It's still used in modern times. Kids make paper kites with it here. It's acid free and so cheap! I have no idea how long it would last but we used it for a paper packaging test tonight...
  9. Zeb Lisik

    High Olive recipe

    Thats a lovely soap top. have you tried an electric blanket to force gelling? I'm not 100% sure but ill take a crack at it! haha ... Granted there's a margin of error for the aloe, since it has solids I assume. 150g ocean water, which is about 3.5% salt = 5.25g salt and 144.75 water 100g salt...
  10. Zeb Lisik

    hello from Vietnam

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've considered these oils but two things make me wary: 1) customer perception of nut allergies -- while most born and bread asians don't have many allergies, a large part of our target market are foreigners, many of which are on the look out for peanut products ...
  11. Zeb Lisik

    hello from Vietnam

    thanks! haha I checked and some seem to be coated in something plastic like while others are just metal. The needle point plastic looks useful, I haven't seem that in ages =) While I am new, the others are not so. However we are in the initial planning and experimental phase -- but it is well...
  12. Zeb Lisik

    hello from Vietnam

    First time poster but I've read quite a bit here. I've been using soapmakingfriends calculator for a while as my preferred calculator. I'm from Canada and the USA but I now live in Vietnam, sadly there's some soapy products that can't be found here. I haven't been making soap very long but...