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  1. Jeanea

    I can't stop looking at it

    This my first drop swirl. I'm in love.
  2. Jeanea

    Two soaps down, many to go

    Just finished old fashioned and ocean water soap. I can't wait to cut the ocean water. My blue shimmer turned pink while soaping, so I hope it changes back.
  3. Jeanea

    Newbie selling to early

    I remember when I first came to this forum. The information I've learned is priceless. The best lesson, DON'T SELL SOAP UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN SOAPING FOR AT LEAST A YEAR. I just saw a video on YouTube. This guy made 100% olive oil soap for the first time. At first I'm like, ok he did an ok job...
  4. Jeanea

    I think I got it this time

    I think I finally achieved my tiger swirl. My recipe still needs work, but this is my best soap yet. This was a test batch. I was testing colors, fragrance and sodium lactate. I have to say I am very please with it all.
  5. Jeanea

    Bathbomb cupcakes failed....

    Ok so im making bath bomb cupcakes as party favors for a friend's bridal shower. My recipe is similar to the no fail bath bomb recipe on YouTube. I didn't get the chance to complete them because the oil, I used shea butter, leaked through the nut cup, I used wiltons. I've been making these for a...
  6. Jeanea

    Piping tips

    Hey gang, it's been a while since I've posted. Question about piping tips. I'm ready to venture into cupcakes and soap cakes, but I'm unsure which tips would work. I'm currently looking at these Tips Set by Ateco http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BVHG14/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20. What do you think?
  7. Jeanea

    Cream of tartar

    Ok, I want to make bubble bars however most recipes I've seen uses cream of tartar. Im on a budget and this can be a pricey ingredient. Where can I buy this in bulk for a fair price and maybe free shipping?
  8. Jeanea

    My first tiger stripe

    I've been itching to do this swirl so finally I have. I can't wait to cut. My recipe gave me plenty of time to play. I tried a new swirl on top. I don't know what it's called but it turned out cool. Its not letting me attach the pics....: ( hope it works this time The color changed on me. The...
  9. Jeanea

    My first color....epic fail

    Ok so this is my second and third batch of soap. I had trouble because the fo I used from hobby lobby seized on me so I had to quickly force it into the mold. Epic fail, they are not cute at all. I used color from wsp that came free with my order. I was unsure how to add it, so I mixed it in...