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  1. WithLovefromNature

    How do you really know that light trace has ocured?

    I have been making soap now for about 1 year and every recipe I read tells me to do something at "light trace". Every time I make soap, I tell myself to stop as soon as the colors of the lye and oil have blended together. Yet when I add colorants to my "light trace" liquid cp soap, I develop a...
  2. WithLovefromNature

    Is a Loaf Soap Cutter Worth it?

    I have been very interested in getting a loaf soap cutter and wondered what experiences people have had with them. Which ones worked the best/worst and so forth. I found a guy on etsy who makes them for $160 and thought I might try him, but it just seems so pricey for a cutter. Worth its weight...
  3. WithLovefromNature

    Ideas on what to Use for the Column in a column swirl soap

    I used a cup turned upside down to make my latest (ok, and my first) column swirl soap batch. I split a 3 lb batch equally into 4 parts and colored them white, yellow, black and blue. First of all, blue mixed with a yellow base....for all those color illiterate folks such as myself, turns out...
  4. WithLovefromNature

    Uplifting Song That May Just Make You Want To Get Up & Start Soaping!!!

    As I was slumping (already) on this cold Friday morning, lacking any and all motivation to put on the gloves and get busy, fearing that any soap design made would feel forced, I decided to jam. So I found the following song and decided, as I regularly forget do, that I should just sit back and...