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    Do honeybees ever nest in raised garden beds?

    They wouldn't be honey bees - they prefer to be several feet off of the ground. I hope you are safely able to get rid of them!
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    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    Hmm - haven't looked at it - thanks for the note!
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    The Sage Recommendation

    Been ordering from MMS for years - Pixie Dust (though it's a mover), Lily of the Valley, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, essential oils, some packaging, lotion supplies. Free shipping over $200. My very first lotions were from their recipes :) I think they've trimmed their inventory quite a bit these...
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    From NDA for guava powder - Recommended Usage: The maximum quantity of powdered fruit extract should not exceed 0.5% of the total product, while in tincture form the maximum amount of fruit extract must not exceed 5%. ^ Interesting - implies a 10:1 ratio of a liquid extract to a powder The...
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    From a formulation point, they won't add liquid to the mixture, helping to keep the bars solid while still adding the benefits of a plant extract.
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    Powdered herbals in syndet poo and conditioner bars?

    Just read something interesting on a syndet bar FB group about adding extracts to poo/condi bars. I've been adding 1-3% of various extracts (chamomile, etc) and reducing liquid surfs but the bars are too soft. SCM suggested using powders which I tried at the same percentage but didn't like...
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    In trouble yet?

    Did the oils or soap smell rancid? Those spots just sound really odd - got any photos?
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    In trouble yet?

    I think for DOS to appear that quickly you would have had to have started with some pretty rancid oil - were your oils fresh?
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    Head on over to the liquid soap making group on FB for a very nice explanation of why you still need a preservative in liquid soap - eta - just because "the big guys" either don't use a preservative or they use one and label it as fragrance or they just don't list it in their ingredients, they...
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    Scent / Color Pairings

    I do something similar - try to match the colors to what I "see" in a scent. If I use EOs, then I use natural colorants. If I use FOs, then I use micas. Ocean Breeze is mostly blue with green and white. Perfect Storm is mostly blue with gray and white. Twilight Woods is swirled with purple...
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    Anyone watching Les Miserables on PBS?

    You can watch it on PBS - 6 part series :)
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    Impression Mat Soap

    Victorian Seaside It's very pretty!!!
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    Mud Soap

    That is beautiful!!!
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    Pre mixing colorants

    If I'm coloring the whole batch, I add the colorants to the oil and stick blend it in before adding the lye and other goodies. If I'm going to do a swirl, I put the colorant into it's container, add a few mls of the soaping oils and mix with one of those mini mixers. Then I add the lye to...
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    Anyone watching Les Miserables on PBS?

    It's not a musical! Much more realistic. I'm really liking it (though I still expect a song every once in a while LOL)
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    Non-Genetically Modified research resources

    Genetic mutation (modification, natural selection, breeding, etc) has been going on for many many years in nature - plants are an easy way to appreciate this with their many varieties, colors, and shapes. Naturally occurring plant variants are often called "sports" :). Just to add two more...
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    Syndet shampoo bar - any tips for forming a smooth looking bar?

    Not looking . . . . . I don't have most of those ingredients and I'm NOT buying more . . . . not looking . . . . . . . . :nonono:
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    Syndet shampoo bar - any tips for forming a smooth looking bar?

    Thank you! I was just poking around on WSP looking at options - I had forgotten about Optiphen ~
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    Non-Genetically Modified research resources

    Breeding is the selection of desirable, naturally existing traits/genes - breeding does not modify existing genes. If I want a red tomato that tastes good and doesn't crack, then I choose the plants with the reddest, tastiest and most crack resistant tomatoes and pollinate (or breed) them. I...
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    Non-Genetically Modified research resources

    Actually, breeding doesn't modify the genetic make up of an organism - breeding is a selection for a desired characteristic. Breeding does not use any outside forces used to change the genetic make up of the organisms. The original maize was bred for desired characteristics to make what we...