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    First Salt Bars Today

    Today I got bored and it's very hot outside so I decided to make some salt bars today. CO 80% AO 15% CO 5% 20% Superfat 38% water lye ratio no fragrance 85% salt I decided to use some natural colour this time. I added 3tsp of turmeric powder to my 750gm of oil. I know it's going to fade a...
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    Made my first soap ever today!

    So I made my first ever soap toady and I decided to do a cp soap. I made 2 batches left the soap unscented and stuck with a fairly basic recipe. I wanted to see one how they turn out and two how they perform before I start using EO/FO. I left both of them uncovered and sprayed some IP alcohol...
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    Hi from downunder

    Just popping in to say hi! Brand spanking new to the forum and to soapmaking for the matter. Been reading the forum for a couple of days and there is so much great info here. What an amazing resource and community it is to learn from. So many people so willing to help others in their quest for...