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    Is Glycerin Included When Calculating Superfat and scents?

    If you add glycerin to your soap (as in a shaving soap for example) do you include the glycerin content when calculating superfat and scents? For example, a recipe is: Olive 100g Palm 100g Coconut 100g Glycerin 25g You want to add fragrance at 3% of oils... Is that 3% of 300g or...
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    Caution Buying From Essential Depot

    I recently contacted Essential Depot for a customer service issue regarding a price adjustment on a previously placed order due to a sale I missed by days (I purchased just before the sale) and never heard back. I followed up and still never received a response. Both emails were friendly and...
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    Why Do Some Unscented Soaps Smell So Good?

    I've noticed that some unscented natural soaps smell so much better than others, yet they seem to use the same ingredients - olive, palm, coconut, castor, shea etc.? Has anyone noticed this and would anyone know why?
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    INCI Names for Colorants

    I don't think this has been answered on this forum before. I have seen the INCI name for various oxides listed alternatively as "black oxide" for example and/or with a "CI" # like "CI77049". Can one use either format for the INCI name when listing a color?
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    Suds N' Scents Canada

    Has anyone done business with Suds N' Scents out of British Columbia? I haven't but I am contemplating a substantial order. I found them online and would like to know if anyone's had a positive experience with them before I place the order. Thanks a lot.
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    High Coconut Oil Content and Superfat

    I sometimes see ingredient lists from reputable soap makers where coconut oil is the first ingredient followed by olive oil and/or rice bran oil and palm oil. I would have thought that coconut oil as the first ingredient in any soap would mean that the bar would be very drying. But these soaps...
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    Test Batches

    I've read differing opinions about how small a test batch should be. From purely a cost perspective, a pound seems to make sense. But I've read comments to the effect that the measuring has to be so precise at that small a quantity that it's risky to go that small. And also, at that size, it may...
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    Coconut Oil vs Palm Kernel Oil

    Hi, I've been lurking for a while - great forum. I can't seem to find an answer to my question. It seems that coconut oil tends to be used more commonly than palm kernel oil in many soaps. Based on composition, both oils have very similar profiles with PKO appearing to be a bit more...