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    Help I overheated my soap!

    I made soap last night and put the container on top of the radiator intending to remove it after a few minutes, only to forget it overnight. This morning it looks like gel with a thin layer of oil on top. I am leaving it uncovered and off the radiator, but want to know if there is anything I...
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    First Shave Soap in Mug and Altoid Tin

    I made shave soap for the first time to give as a gift this holiday season. I used songwind's recipe, substituting leather FO since the recipient likes the scent of leather and instead of crockpot I used the double boiler method. Here's what I learned: 1. KO is more reactive than Sodium...
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    Soap Colorant Bleeding-Ooops!

    The colored part of a bar of soap I made lathers red but does not stain. Is this an indication of too much coloring used? I used red oxide powder.
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    Clayish/Oil Smell in Soap

    Hello. I made a goat milk oatmeal soap, prevented gel, using no scent. When using the soap it smells slightly sharp/oil paint type smell. Does anyone know if this will dissipate with curing or if unscented soap will tend to retain these qualities? Just wondering if I am better off using a FO...
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    Tap Water/Early Setting of Soap

    Hello. I just made a batch of goat milk soap (coconut, olive, palm) and am so tired I didn't realize I used tap water instead of distilled water. Could this have led to the soap starting to thicken too much while I was still mixing. Or could this be related to over mixing? I mixed to trace...
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    Altoid Tins

    :idea: Making shaving soap this weekend for the first time and I am tempted to pour some into Altoid tins to give as stocking stuffers for the holiday. Does anyone know if it is fine to use Altoid tins for containers? :?::?:Would hate to waste soap!
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    First Goat Milk Soap Turned Out Well I Think!

    I made my very first batch of Goat Milk soap this weekend and I am thrilled that it turned out a light cream color. It was my first time using a colorant and I also added some peppermint EO. I can't wait for the bars to cure so I can use one. They smell like X-mas! :grin:
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    First Goat Milk Soap

    Hello. I am making my very first goat milk cp batch and want to know if the milk/lye solution is supposed to be this bright yellow? I don't think I scorched the milk but would love some feedback as to whether the finished bars will look closer to white or brown. I mixed powdered goat milk...
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    No water added

    Noticed the label on a bar of handcrafted soap I received read "no water added" how is this possible?
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    Shave Soap for Holiday Gifts

    Hello. I'd like to make shave soap in a mug for a gift this holiday season. I am still researching which oils are best but have bentonite clay that I plan to use. Wondering if anyone has recommendations on base oils/additives? I know I need to create a creamy lather that is also stable...