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    Color me shocked!

    My sister texted me this morning to tell me that our business is in the running for best Farmer's market stall for the community's "best of" contest! I had no idea we were even nominated.
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    Stick blender recommendations

    I want to get a new stick blender before the end of the year. I see that many of you use a cuisinart. What is the length of the shaft from the bottom of the bell to the bottom of the coupling?
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    Question about oil properties in liquid soap

    I made a batch of Irish Lass's recipe that contains 25% coconut (using glycerin as water replacement) and found it to be extremely drying to my hands. I want to experiment some more with dropping the CO down to something closer to 15-18% and likely upping the olive oil to help offset that. I...
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    Mold math challenge

    I am looking to create a soap using a cylinder mold. It needs to weight ~30 gm cured and will be cut at 3/8". I cannot figure out the diameter of the mold. A brand new soap that I just cut is 2"x2"x1". It weighs 67 gm. A fully cured soap is 2-3/8"x2-7/16"X1". It weighs 126 gm. Here's...
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    Grass stain

    Normally we do not use any FOs, but a customer placed an order for 10 different scents. I am so thrilled with how grass stain from BB came out!
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    Stick blenders

    I am in the market for a new stick blender. I have a Hamilton Beach that no matter what I do always leaves a little tiny bubbles in my soap. I'm tired of it. And I want to upgrade to something that has a longer shaft. For those of you who are selling, what do you use and what have you found...
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    using wort in beer soap

    So, a few months ago, I had asked the owner of a local brewery if it was okay if I used the name of his beer on the label of our soap using that beer. He agreed and this week we have been commissioned to make 2 kinds of soap using beer. He gave me a growler each of two kinds of beer (1/2...
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    accounting software

    What accounting software does everyone use? I currently use Soapmaker 3 and hate the accounting side of it. My business set up is a bit unusual, in that all sales go through my sister's business and she takes a commission. Because SM3 does not allow for estimates, there is no easy way to...
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    creating a LS recipe

    Soooo, I know what I want out of a recipe when I am creating one for bar soap using NaOH, but I am curious what I need to consider (in terms of oil properties) when creating a recipe for liquid soap using KOH. I intend to use Gracey's room temperature method because I am not a fan of cooking...
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    DOS question

    I know this has been addressed a dozen times, but I'm still questioning some things. Liz's recent post got me thinking and I went back and looked at some of my bars from 6-9 months ago and some have started to go rancid and I don't really know why. Basic recipe is (roughly, but not exactly)...
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    Hand holding needed

    I made a batch if soap this morning and I am more nervous about it than I thought it would be. I colored it with alkanet infusion and used way more than normal so it's super deep purple. Which is beautiful. But I not be able to tell if it actually reaches gel it's so darkly colored. Add to...
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    Essential Depot Lye

    I have been happily using ED's food grade lye for a year now and until recently haven't had any issues. I was making a batch of soap the other day and found this in the lye. When I contacted ED, I was told that moisture got into the bottle. This isn't the first time I have found dark grey...
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    Shaving Brushes????

    I have made some shaving soaps that I am planning on giving out as gifts this holiday season and would like to include brushes with them but am overwhelmed by the options. Can some of our shaving guys (Fat Faced Charlie and Mark the Box, et.al.) weigh in on this? I do need to keep pricing...
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    lye on surface

    This is a problem I have not experienced before... Yesterday I made a big (for me) batch of castile and brought it to a light trace. I stuck in on my enclosed porch to CPOP it (the porch is freakin' hot because the temps this week are over 90 - so it was roughly 120-140 out there). This...
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    Bud Haffner mod 1

    I know that Bud has many happy customer's on here and I am wondering which you have, the mod 1 or the mod 2? I tend to cut at 1" which gives me a 4 oz bar, going to 1-1/4" would up it to 5 oz or so (I think). I am leaning towards mod 1 which gives 1" bars, but am wondering if anyone out there...
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    ITP swirl question

    When doing an ITP swirl, what percentage of the batter do you split out for coloring? 30%?
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    My first hanger swirl

    I'm very happy with how it came out. Scented with ylang-ylang and lavender. I used an alkanet infusion to color.
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    Night owl

    This is scented with peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil for a good tingly soap. For all of us night owls who need an extra pick me up in the morning shower.
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    ISO custom mold

    Has anyone used this etsy vendor? http://www.etsy.com/shop/hanwang?ref=search_shop_redirect My mom has a quilting business and likes to give her customers gifts. Luckily, she thinks giving away soap and lotion bars to help me get my business started is great. But, she would like to give them...
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    Hi my name is Kris...

    and I haven't made soap in nearly 2 weeks and I feel twitchy. AAAAND I got a shipment from Brambleberry with some new colorants and I cannot wait to try them out.