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    Ingredient verification

    I bought a Rose wax and some other ingredients from a big (seems very big because of variety of ingredients) company in India, received the products and doubt the authenticity of their products. They do have a label of USFDA registered Co, but I don't know how to verify it. Is there anyway...
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    Fresh additives soap - need help

    I want to make the CP soap with fresh strawberry puree and coconut cream (ingredients from the label: water, coconut flesh and guar gum). I never did a soap with fresh additives and have no idea when and how I should add them. If the recipe needs 10 oz of water, should I replace partially (I...
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    Weird feeling on a skin - HELP!

    I just tried my recent batch of CP soap and puzzled with the feeling it gives me right after I wash the soap off. It's weird and feels like squeaky clean, kinda sticky on skin to skin contact, rubbery and something close to compare like the fingers on a balloon feeling... rrrr.:???: I never had...
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    Funny smell - why?

    I made Chocolate Orange CP soap and first it smelled exactly how the name says - yummy, like a dessert. But after about a week the smell went awry and not pleasant at all, I would say even weird, I can't describe it - there is no chocolate and orange notes... I'm puzzled what had happened with...
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    Fresh additives in the CP

    My husband asked me a question: why waste the good produce if the lye will burn all the goodness anyway and all that will be left only fiber and maybe a color. Isn't better just to eat those strawberries, bananas, avocado and drink the beer, champagne and wine? :?: First, I wanted to argue with...
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    Whipped Soap experts needed

    After 2 unsuccessful trials to make whipped soap I decided I better to ask some experts in making such type soaps. But first about my troubles. The oils were whipped until nice and fluffy as I usually do for my body butters. After adding the lye solution all the mass went down and didn't come up...
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    Salt Soap

    I want to make salt soap and have couple of questions. 1. If I use granulated salt - will the finished soap have the icy look? Or for such results the different grains salt is needed? 2. When salt is added - after the trace along with other additives? 3. What percentage should be - I think about...
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    ZAP - yes, ZAP -no - SAME BATCH - how possible is that?

    One week ago I made 2 batches of soap -the base was the same, the additives just were different. First batch (Tangerine) was in wooden log mold (that I cut later), the second batch (Coffee) was in silicone individual bar mold. The Tangerine didn't zap after 2 days, the Coffee still zaps. Also...
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    CP as a base - newbie queastion

    Hello, I would like to make my soap with EO only, but as I know they evaporate very quickly during 6 weeks of curing. I thought maybe I can make a plain base with no color and scents and then, after it cures I can rebatch with EO and colors added making different types of soap that will have a...