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    Destashing some supplies

    Forums owners, admin and mods are in no way responsible for the outcome of any swaps or sales related to this thhread. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I take paypal for payment and if interested in some items pm me your shipping addy for a shipping quote. Soy Wax from WSP Ecosoya...
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    I've been busy making jewelry....

    Green Quartz Briolette Amethyst Quartz Briolette Lavender Jade Teardrops Purple Faceted Tear Drops Green Quartz Briolettes Pearl Drops Clear Quartz Blue Cat's Eye and Bicones Emerald Faceted Rounds Clear Quartz Purple Round...
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    Sale in my shop!

    I'm having a sale on all my glycerin soaps to make room for my goatmilk soaps! Residents of the soapmaking forum will get 5% off total order if you mention smf5%
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    Hand milled Soap bars

    This is what I've been up to for the past two weeks. These are cp goatmilk soap with shea butter. Vanilla Skies Thumbprint Cookie Soap Berry Coconut Wine Thumbprint Cookie Soap Apple Coconut Purity Goatmilk NYC Spa Soap with Mango & Shea Butter scented with Honey Coco...
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    Perfumers grade alcohol

    So I've been experimenting with an artisan's perfume base and wondered if i can ship this through usps? I've seen others doing this but wondered if I had to ship several bottles together would that be a problem? I've also seen others using a base from snowdrift farms but I purchased one from...
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    Mother's Day

    Is anyone doing anything special business wise for mother's day? I am getting together some items as a tote bag bundle filled with bath bombs, soap dish, soap, and more. The bundle will have coordinating scents of course and I'm only making a few. I also thought I'd like to feature some of you...
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    Melt and Pour Sale @ Essentials by Catalina

    http://www.essentialsbycatalina.com/sho ... CERIN.HTML
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    I've been featured in a blog!

    I received a convo from the editor of fave craft blog featuring my texas bluebonnet soap! It's a feature about everything texas. http://www.favecraftsblog.com/etsy-pick ... ith-texas/ If you'd like to take a look!
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    Some new soaps of last week

    Pink Tea Grapefruit Lady of the Lake Sugarcreme Peppermint Tea Tree Very Sexy for women Thanks for looking!
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    Has anyone ever used flavor oils.....

    In soap or lotions? How did that work out if you tried it?
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    My new soaps from this week

    Rosehip Jasmine Soap Honey Genoise Cake Soap Very Sexy for women Twilight Hand Blended Soap NYC Spa Soap scented with Honey Coco Mango Wicked for men Hand Blended Soap Love Soap Hand Blended Rice Flower & Shea Texas Bluebonnets
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    Blog Contest Giveaway Starting today!

    The rules are very simple! Post a comment on my blog to enter no purchase is necessary! To read more click on the link! http://moonstruckmagic.blogspot.com
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    My new jewelry pieces

    So I made a seperate site on etsy called KatDesignsNYC and here are some pieces. I forgot to edit these so don't look so close! LOL
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    Early Black Friday Sale!

    Now through sunday enjoy 75 Cent shipping! If you purchase two bottles of lotion it will only cost .75 each to ship! Any order over $20.00 gets free shipping! This sale will last until Sunday midnight! http://www.moonstruckmagic.etsy.com Click and join my blog if you'd like to be the...
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    I received another shout out!

    http://summerpoet.blogspot.com/ Go down towards the middle and read on. Wow makes me all dang fuzzy inside.
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    Activated Charcoal

    Who sells it? I searched and only find information about not where to buy it powdered. I have charcoal tablets but not sure if its the same thing?
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    I finally made a treasury!

    http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=18708 Its so kewl its a buy and replace treasury!
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    Like a moron I forgot to add my wax tarts LOL [/img]
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    My very first praise!!

    This lady ordered some foot balm from me a few weeks ago and apparently loved it so much she wrote this: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5875183
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    Has anyone purchased from....

    Lone star candle supply? They are having a sale on sample scents and need some candle supplies. I wondered if anyone has good/bad thought about it?