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    Eden Botanicals EO & Amber Essence reviews

    Hi, fellow EO fans! I just received an order from Eden Botanicals, I'm bored, and I can't start making my bath & body Christmas gifts because a bunch of my materials are still in transit. So you get EO reviews. First, the company. I've ordered from them twice now and had a good experience both...
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    Can I get some opinions on my EO blends?

    I'm new to the world of essential oils and a bit insecure about my blending abilities. I've tried most of these blends on cotton balls; should I put them in oil too before I try them in my actual product? Anyway, I'd like some feedback to see if I'm on the right track. These scents will be going...
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    Hello from Colorado!

    I joined to look for advice on making my own lotion bars for Christmas gifts! Starting early since I have a friend with a November birthday and she would probably like a couple lotion bars. I found a recipe on Mountain Rose Herbs' blog that looks good, but blending essential oils for fragrance...