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    Scraping off ash?

    At what temperature do you soap that the beeswax doesn't just clump up on you when you add it?
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    Bath bombs won't stick in mini mold

    If you do mean the two halves won't stick together, I found with the smaller ones, that if I pack them too tight they stick to the mold and not together. So I loosely fill each half and mound the centers, then squish them together.
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    Planing soap - what type is best?

    Also use this one Best thing I bought last year, and as others said cleaning is so easy. I also use his Acrylic Log Molds and the Cylinder Mold
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    Tears from Heaven Bomb

    raindrops to me, they look great!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Labeled Lip Balm, and beveled & planed and some general clean up and steaming. For some reason I get more ash in the winter.
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    Need soap planer/beveler - any suggestions?

    IL I bought that about year and a half ago, and have beveled and planed about 2000 bars of soap, and it still works as it did the first day I bought it. I love the SMR beveller/planer, and will probably purchase a second one, just in case it ever does get dull.
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    Shea Butter & Arrowroot Powder Source Can be a little pricey, but I their shipping has been really fast. I ordered on late Tuesday, and it is arriving tomorrow. They are located in Connecticut.
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    Free Oil, soapmaking-resource
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    Labels Needed - help please

    this works great, rather than use tape etc.
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    Which Olive Oil do you use? and problem with OO or TD?

    I wanted to reply that I did buy and use the Pompiean Olive Oil from BJ's and I didn't have any different results than when I was using the Wellesley Farm Oil. It soaped beautifully.
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    Soapmaking Resource, Free Oil Free 32 oz Olive Oil, and 32 oz Castor with a $50 order Just realized it's a flash sale, ends at midnight
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    Wholesale Supplies Plus End of Year Sale

    I think to me anyway, the confusing part of the title of this section, "Member's Websites & Online Sales " Is the part that says, Online Sales. Maybe just remove it from this section, so it just says Member's Websites. Then add Online Sales to the Shopping Recommendations page.
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    The lye guy

    Before I bought my Lye, from the Lye Guy, I used to get it at Lowe's. It was a decent price.
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    2017 Goals: what are yours?

    To be more organized. I am always behind on paperwork etc. I also want to make more product this winter, as my real job ramps up for the summer, and I just don't have time then. This is year was exhausting.
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    Tax Time, Soapmaker 3

    I have been using Soapmaker 3, and as many may know they added a COGS equation. My question is about the Holdiay gifts I just used for my friends. I created an invoice for purchaser "Personal Use" I added the items I used to the invoice. My question is in the cost, should I put Zero, or the...
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    Impulse sealer stopped working

    If you have a foodsaver, it works in a pinch, just put to seal only.
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    Poo Spray Math

    I made this for my friends as a joke X-Mas present. I have been informed the clinical trials are a success!
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    Anyone order from this merchant...?

    I was referring to the place the OP was asking about It's in Braintree, MA
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    Anyone order from this merchant...?

    Wow, they are near me too! But now I think of it, I think I contacted them a few years ago about pick up at their facility, and they said it had to be shipped. But maybe they have changed that.