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    Craft Foam & Silicone - any one tried it?

    I love our wooden molds, but we are trying to move into a smaller workspace - a closet actually to store our soap making supplies. So I have made a mold out of cardboard and craft foam, it unfolds into one flat piece and is very easy to store. I've read about how craft foam only works a...
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    So frustrating, I've noticed a horrible trend.

    We use to do M&P but our customers didn't like that it wasn't 'natural', so it ended up not selling and we discontinued it. We labeled everything and marketed it as Glycerin Soap. We might have to bring it back for a season to see if it changed. It will at least work to show the difference...
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    So frustrating, I've noticed a horrible trend.

    We live in a kind of rural area in Kentucky. Our prices can't get much higher. Our basic recipe doesn't use expensive oils, just Olive, Coconut, Castor and Palm. That really helps with keeping the price down. We also use FO. We would love to use all organic and EO, but it would not sell here...
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    So frustrating, I've noticed a horrible trend.

    Sorry this is kind of a vent thread, about an issue that I find really annoying. It seems like every show we go to there is someone selling M&P soaps as CP/HP for 2 dollars a bar. Firstly how can anyone make a profit off of a 4oz bar selling them for 2 dollars (even if it is M&P)! Secondly...
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    has anyone used fresh tomatoes to make a tomato soap??

    I would worry about the fruits and veg still spoiling, even with the added Vitamin E. The only thing I would think is maybe using it in CP or HP soaps, but if you use a lot it still might run the chance of spoiling or getting DOD. Personally I only have experience using milks and dried herbs...
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    Making my own Silicone Soap Mold

    I've really been thinking about making my own silicone soap mold, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend which Silicone Putty, or 2 part mix to use? I would really like to find something local, but I'm not sure if Lowes sells anything like that. I would like to use the molds for M&P...
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    keeping gm soap from darkening

    Sorry I lost this thread. . lol. My soap hasn't started to smell bad yet, it seems to get sweeter with time. It still lathers like it did a year ago too (actually it is more like two years now) I just happened to have some bars in a box that I forgot about. I was moving my craft room and...
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    Where does your soap call home ?

    Wow am I the only Kentucky girl on here. . .lol. Mine are born in Mount Sterling, KY. . and don't travel too far from home. Which is about 30-40 min. away from Lexington.
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    ISO Untreated Cedar Sawdust/Untreated Pine Sawdust

    I'm planning on doing a project in the near future and I need untreated cedar sawdust -- prefer red but any kind would work and/or pine sawdust. I don't think that I can get it locally so I was wondering if anyone here would mind/be able to ship me some, I will pay for shipping and a little for...
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    keeping gm soap from darkening

    I didn't really read the other post, cause my attention span isn't all that great today, but here is what I do and my GM soap is pretty light. I do HP so I have my oils in the crock pot all heated up. I freeze my GM, I use an ice cube tray then pack them away in a tupperware container...
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    New rebatching technique.

    I think that is kinda like what I have been doing, I call it a 50/50 rebatch. I get my oils warm in the crock pot (like for a 1lb batch) dump in a lb of soap shavings and mix them in, then I add the lye water (just enough for the 1lb batch) and treat it like normal HP. It turned out pretty...
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    rose petals?

    I only sprinkle a few on the tops of my HP, I use to put them in the loaf, but they turn all brown and mushy. . .not very appealing. ETA: They do turn brown in HP, guess it is just the heat that does it.
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    What do you wear?

    I tend to just wear my street closes with no protection. . . I really should at least wear gloves, I mean heck I have so many. My Step-dad works at a hospital and is always bringing home extra pairs of the purple gloves. My mom saves them for me, I have like a whole garbage bag full of them...
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    Batch #4 - Liquid Crack - PICTURES ADDED

    You could also do a screenshot, then paste it in MSPaint and crop it. I do that all the time at work, adding screenshots to tickets. ETA: Oops, guess you already knew that.
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    Clean The World!

    Deda I hope you don't mind but I am blogging about this and posting it on other soap forums. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful org to my attention. I'm also going to talk to local hotels about sending their soap too!
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    making soap balls for embedding

    Soap balls are really simple to make, after you cut your fresh soap just take the ends or messed up/funny looking pieces and smoosh them up in your hands. The soap is still pretty soft so you can mold the balls really easily. .. if you are working with older soap just shred the soap and soak in...
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    Well that was weird...

    My guess would be the honey. I know I had a volcano, my second batch, I brewed tea and didn't let it cool all the way, was still kinda warm. . . added the lye and boom. I learned patience, let you liquids get cold first. . .lol
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    Need help finding soap dish supplier

    lol, I'm a little late. . . .I really need to fully read the posts and not just skim them. . .
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    Need help finding soap dish supplier

    If you have a way to cut it you can make your own. You can get 3-3 1/4 inch molding and cut it, sand the sides and there you go! You can seal it too if you want. I'll see if I can get a picture of it.
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    chunky soap

    Spritz the chunks with rubbing alcohol and let the clear soap cool a little before pouring. I've noticed that if you put the soap in fridge or freezer the layers don't want to adhere as well. Oh an make sure that you are using coloring that doesn't migrate, or the chunks will slowly bleed into...