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    Zany's no slime castile

    I've made ZNSC about 4 times now, both CP and HP. I make it adding the coconut and castor oils. When I hot process in my crockpot, I always add about 1 oz more of faux seawater and 1 Tbs sodium lactate to 3 lbs. oil to keep it a little easier to stir. Zany's soap comes out fine in HP form. A...
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    Zany's no slime castile

    Zany, thanks so much for this recipe. I had been meaning to try it since you first posted it, and I finally made 3 loaves of this in early March (just after shelter-in-place order). It's cured now I've been using it for a couple of weeks. Lovely soap! I always add 15% CO and 5% Castor Oil...
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    Rebatching Soap

    I don't mind rebatching and I just did a small batch yesterday. I had made a 2.5 lb batch of Zany's faux sea water castille w/10% CO, 5% castor and 85% OO. I left it in the mold too long and about 1 lb of it crumbled when I cut it. Too small an amount to put in my crockpot, I cut it into...
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    Transparent soap - UPDATE with photos!

    Richard, congratulations. They look beautiful. It's so fun to follow a recipe closely and see how it all comes together, resulting in such a beautiful, practical bar of soap! I wish you many years of soaping success! Mary
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    Dual lye castile

    After reading this thread, I decided to try the dual lye castile. I have Anne Watson's book about castile soap and used her recipe for Coconut Castor Castile and dual lye and added salt to the lye water. It's been curing for eight weeks, so I gave it a try this weekend. I know adding the...
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    Lysol in soap!?

    Hi, I'm a long time reader but don't post much. This post was interesting to me because it reminded me of pine essential oil. I bought it because I was thinking of Christmassy pine scent and what I got was an essential oil that smells like lysol. I then read up on it and found it's what several...
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    de-funk de pits

    I've been waiting for some hot, humid, soggy DC weather before I wrote in. This deodorant is a huge success. Thank you TeresaT and IrishLass for experimenting, and to all the others for trying the original and variations. We had 3 days of very hot weather (from 80s to mid-90s, and it worked...
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    Extracts can you use them for anything other than baking?

    I think I remember that the doctor who introduced adding glycerin to lye in the long thread on another board used to add orange extract to his olive oil liquid soap in his crockpot after dilution. IrishLass may remember it better than me. I think he may have tried a second extract too but...
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    Laundry Soap Revisited

    I just saw this post; hadn't been checking posts for a few days because I had been ill. I still use Mike in PDX's laundry soap with good results. I've tried lard, coconut oil and a combination of the two, and found coconut worked best. I also use it in my top-loading HE washer. I now use...
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    corned beef & cabbage recipes?

    I'm mostly a lurker, but I love corned beef and cabbage, and I'm Irish (well Irish-American). I can't believe nobody cooks their corned beef and cabbage in beer! I take a 5 lb. corned beef, wipe the brine off, brown it a bit in a cast iron skilled with a little oil. Then, put it in a...
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    Promoting fluidity in HP soaps

    This is my first post; I'm a long-time lurker. I do both HP and CP, and today I had an interesting experience. I HPed a 3 lb. batch of olive, lard, coconut, PKO, sunflower and castor (in descending order). This time I used an infusion of marshmallow root and calendula in my olive oil. I also...