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    Adding Stearic Acid to GLS

    I know this is a couple weeks old, but can you add the stearic up front with the rest of the oils? I know it will saponify then. I don't want to have to use heat to dilute.
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    Cureing, Testing, Ph Questions

    First question, does anyone have a link to any study/ies done on curing cp and HP soap? Studies that test for loss of weight, ph, and bar hardness? Second question, and this may be one for chemistry gurus, what is the best/most accurate way to test the ph of bar soap? Explanation or link to...
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    Naming Help

    You guys are simply amazing. Thank you for such awesome ideas. It definitely has an incense quality to it, so you're spot on there. I either sell at shows, so folks can smell it in person, or online where I give a detailed scent description, so non descriptive names are just fine. I'm...
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    Naming Help

    I like that!
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    Naming Help

    I'm not really sure which forum this should go in, so please move if needed. I have and love Nurture Soap's version of Breath of God FO. I want to rename it though. Any ideas?
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    Shaving Soap - Puck to Cream

    DeeAnna, thank you! That was perfect. My concern was also too much glycerin and making things feel weird/inhibiting lather. I'll do some testing and see what I come up with. One of my cream soap recipes, I already use as a shave cream, but I love the above recipe for the simplicity and the...
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    Shaving Soap - Puck to Cream

    Thanks guys. I've made cream soap already, and have read and reread the ENTIRE cream soap thread as well as the ENTIRE shaving soap thread, probably 6 months ago now. I'm not brand new to either product, was just having a mental block earlier. I'll figure it out.
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    Shaving Soap - Puck to Cream

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been on here. I have a shaving soap recipe that's gotten rave reviews. Very simple recipe. 52% Stearic with the rest being 30% Coconut, 15% Lard, and 3% Castor. KOH and water of course. My brother is a traditional shaver, and really really wants it in a...
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    New Loaf Molds

    Thanks guys. Some Nurture molds are high on my maybe list. I currently have 3 - 6lb molds, and would love larger ones. I am waiting on a reply from the guy who made my molds to see if he would do custom lengths so I could make bigger batches. Its just as easy to make 6lbs as 12 lbs, lol...
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    New Loaf Molds

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a couple new loaf molds so I can increase production/amount of soap I can make when I have time to soap. I currently have HDPE molds I got from an etsy store, and if nothing else I'll just order a couple more of those. However, I was wondering if anyone has any...
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    Goat Milk Lotion Tutorial

    The only other option I see is to make it a cold cream, and throw any unused portion out after a few days. Goat milk and water create a BREEDING ground for very yucky things to start growing... As you see in your "experiment". You either need to find a way to get a broad spectrum preservative...
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    WSp Jacob's Desire

    I have a batch of this made and cured that I'm ready to sell, but can't figure it what to call it, lol. Jacob's Desire doesn't really for my brand and not a fan of twilight. I am however, a huge fan of this fragrance. It's one of those "what a good looking man should smell like" fragrances...
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    That's one I tried. I thought it was yummy, but it didn't sell for me. :/
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    Thanks. I wish their pumpkin crunch cake was skin safe. I've drooled over it many times, lol. I don't care if there is more than just pumpkin in. Right now I'm leaning towards the Pleasingly Pumpkin or Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti, but not sure.
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    Okay guys, I've tried two pumpkins the last two years and haven't loved them. Does anyone have a pumpkin they love? I'd like to add one on my NG order, but open to other vendors. Thanks!
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    Liquid Soap...It Was Easy!

    Ok, I must be living in a cave! Can someone link me think glycerin method????
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    Gift Basket Help!

    Please? I want to do up a few gift baskets and have the option for create your own to personalize for your giftee this year. I can't do anything normal and just get plain baskets, so I'm trying to find either wood crates, galvanized (or rustic colored) tubs/trays/ovals, or wire baskets. I'm...
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    Crystallized Lye Solution

    I store it in a rubbermaid pitcher that is lye safe. ... Same thing I've used for the last year. I would consider it pretty air tight. I've had lye set in it for months at a time with nothing happening before. I did add back the difference in water after evaporation. It's distilled water. No...
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    Crystallized Lye Solution

    This is a 50/50 solution like I mix up all the time. Approx 3 weeks old, 2 weeks ago was still fluid. No change in Lye, temps, or method of mixing. Closed container. Can I fix this or is it trash?
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    Silicone Loaf Molds

    A couple questions... I use log molds that I have to line. I've been looking at the silicone molds and wondering about them. Does the soap actually come out easily? The silicone molds I have now for sample bars and a random baking pan... I usually have to freeze the soap to get it to pop out...