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  1. K

    I'm back :)

    Hey everyone. So I've been M.I.A for a good long while. I'm sure nobody noticed, tbh. Lol Anyways, about a month ago I lost all my mp soap stuff and all my crafting things in general. It sucked, but poop happens. It is driving me crazy not to be able to soap or make anything like I usually...
  2. K

    Lavender looks like mouse poo?

    Definitely looks like mouse poop. Lol
  3. K

    Browsing soap pics

    These are all so lovely!
  4. K

    Shampoo bars

    I haven't made any soap bars yet, but I want to. Is it okay if I save this recipe for later?
  5. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made Soap Today. * Baby Powder Scented * Finely Grounded Oatmeal * Walnut Shell Powder * Blue Oxide * Shea Butter Base with a White Swirl of Regular White Base This is only the 3rd soap I've ever done. Lol
  6. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    When we the passcodes sent? I went threw and deleted all my emails today in preparation for it... I might have deleted it.
  7. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Omg, there it's a like button now. I've been catching myself multiple times trying to like someone's comment or picture or whatever... And now I finally can!
  8. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    Oh I know. I meant I didn't think they were showing up. It always tells me that it failed to upload my comment but then it shows up anyways.
  9. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    Can anyone see this comment?! I've commented a couple times directly to people and I haven't Recieved any comments back about it. I'm thinking that maybe they aren't going threw everything even though I can see them.
  10. K

    Snake Skin Soap

    If you need a Guinea Pig to try the one with snake skin in it I'll gladly Volunteer. I'd even pay the shipping to get it sent to me. With the impression mat thing unless it was from a Hognose or something that has defined scales I don't think it would work too well. I have a Hognose & 4...
  11. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    I took a Tall plastic cup... It's one of those Orange ones From Hooter's. Lol I rubbed the sides down with Olive Oil so it wouldn't stick. I prepared and cut 6 stripes of thin MP to create a soap rim on the outside so I would know where to cut my loaves. I wrapped one at the bottom. Filled it...
  12. K

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That's so neat!!
  13. K

    Valentines soaps

    Good Job, Primrose! They look amazing!!
  14. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    Well. I'm sorry to disappoint but there will not be a MP entry for this Challenge. My heart came out looking like a pumpkin. I melted all back down. I won't have time to try again. On the bright side though I have A. learned how to make a Hidden Pumpkin & B. I always have February's Challenge! :)
  15. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    I thought so. I read it yesterday and it said all that but for some reason when I read it earlier it didn't or I missed. Thank you, Bunches :)
  16. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    So, I couldn't sleep last night and I think I came up with a way to do the "Hidden Heart Swirl" with MP. But... before I try, is it okay if I use a "non-conventional mold?" I don't have a silicone mold right now that would work for this.
  17. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    I found a Blue's Clue!! ;)
  18. K

    Mp soap standard

    I never really measure I just put color in until I'm happy with it the same with scent. Sorry, I can be of more help.
  19. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    1. Kittish 2. dibbles - <3 this! 3. newbie- I have an eye to doing this a bit differently but still ending up with a heart in the middle. That's okay, I hope! 4. earlene - Hooray! I've been away from the challenges for too long, so am looking forward to this one. 5. BattleGnome - which mold...
  20. K

    January SMF Challenge -Hidden Heart Swirl

    How do I enter so I can vote?