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  1. Pug Mom

    Bridal Shower Favors

    Great ideas!! Thanks!
  2. Pug Mom

    Bridal Shower Favors

    My sister has asked me to make bars of soap for bridal shower favors. Any cute ideas on labeling it?
  3. Pug Mom

    Rosemary Mint

    Thanks guys!!
  4. Pug Mom

    Rosemary Mint

    It's just cut and not cleaned up yet. But I like it.
  5. Pug Mom

    Poppy seeds in soap

    Do you grind them yourself?
  6. Pug Mom

    Poppy seeds in soap

    I want to try adding poppy seeds to some of my soap. I have been asked if I have this my people looking for poppy seed soap. Do you have to do anything to the poppy seeds prior to adding them? Do they make the soap too scratchy? Thanks!
  7. Pug Mom

    Salt bar - swirly

    My salt bars always weep. Not sure why, but then they are fine. Yours are gorgeous.
  8. Pug Mom

    Second Batch!

    Very impressive!!
  9. Pug Mom

    I couldn't wait!!!

    So Pretty!
  10. Pug Mom

    Relaxing after soapmaking

    Is that a Puggle? I have two Pugs that are my life!!!!
  11. Pug Mom


    So Pretty!
  12. Pug Mom

    Bulk apothecary lip balm tubes

    Has anyone ordered the .15 oz lip balm tubes from them? I usually order from speciality bottles, but BA is about $10 cheaper for 200 tubes.
  13. Pug Mom

    Adding herbs to soap

    I have found lemon grass to be way to scratchy for soap. Let us know how you find it.
  14. Pug Mom

    How long do you cure your milk soaps?

    4 weeks here....same as if there was no GM in the soap. My soap is fine after 4 weeks.
  15. Pug Mom

    Honey soap

    I am going to be making this soap too. I just ordered a honey FO from Peak, I don't have it yet, but it got great reviews. I don't like oatmeal added in the soap, it always seems scratchy to me, no matter how small I get it. So I am going to add the oats to the top of the soap. Let us know...
  16. Pug Mom

    storing/curing in a sunny room?

    Cool and dry is usually the rule of thumb for storing soap. I would think you could end up with some rancid oils in the soap if you store it someplace that hot.
  17. Pug Mom

    Mint Soap Catastrophes

    What are you using for a mold? I have had different molds react differently.
  18. Pug Mom

    Activated Charcoal

    Yup, I was thinking of just swirling it. Is it scratchy at all? I ordered Black Canyone FO from Peak the other day and I thought a black swirl would look nice.
  19. Pug Mom

    Activated Charcoal

    I am placing an order from BB and I was thinking of getting activated charcoal for some of the more masculine scents. Has anyone used this as a colorant? Your thoughts?
  20. Pug Mom

    Using Clay for Colorant

    Now I am so excited to try it! Does it add anything else to the soap? I have a Plumeria FO that I want to make with a pink swirl, so maybe I will wait until I get the clay?