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  1. Saponomancer

    Butterbeer soap and WPS's Beer Powder

    Wholesale Supplies Plus! I don't mind reporting back on the lather in four weeks 0u0
  2. Saponomancer

    Butterbeer soap and WPS's Beer Powder

    Hi guys! I said I'd report back on how the beer powder went when I got around to using it! I soaped using one tbsp ppo of the beer powder, and room temperature lye and oils. Y'all it was a dream to work with, and so much easier than stirring lye into frozen beer and trying to get it to...
  3. Saponomancer

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    I use weight! I weigh by the oz, my scale allows me a certain amount of precision with that, thankfully. Volume just seems super risky, you're never going to get a clean calculation out of that.
  4. Saponomancer

    Shelf life

    I don't think beeswax can go bad! and I would do some tiny sample batches and test out the fragrances and EOs and see how they are- the botanicals definitely toss. Any base oils would be rancid by now and should be tossed too..
  5. Saponomancer

    Lavender Hearts

    Its the least I can do, I don't have a lot of money to donate to things, but I do have plenty of soap XD And he loves it! He got to see it today and hes very excited.
  6. Saponomancer

    Lavender Hearts

    I did a little soap to donate to help a sweet little boy with some medical bills, and I asked him what scent he would like and he said lavender! So I got to work: CPoP, 50% OO 25% Lard 20% Coconut and 5% Castor. It has Kaolin clay, Vinegar, and Citric Acid in it. I used Lavender 40/42, which...
  7. Saponomancer

    Always partial gel, no matter what I!

    I cpop when I want to ensure full gel- thats cold process oven process, you heat your oven up on its lowest setting then turn it off and put your soap in there and leave it for a few hours.
  8. Saponomancer

    SMF June 2019 Challenge - Rimmed Soap

    Congratulations guys!
  9. Saponomancer

    Twist up LS paste sticks

    Thank you for bringing this wonderful concept to the world. I actually didn't have any trouble filling the tubes with cooled soap paste for what its worth.
  10. Saponomancer

    Hello from Spain

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Saponomancer

    Hello from Beech Grove, Indiana

    Welcome to the forum! We're glad to have you. It sounds like you've had and adventure to get here :)
  12. Saponomancer

    When is the right time to put stuff in and about metal with soap?

    Yeah, there's no reason not to put it in at the beginning, with cold process there's no telling what your superfat will end up, and there's some evidence that it doesn't even matter with HP when you can put it in after the cook. Metal *can* make your soap go rancid, before I started including a...
  13. Saponomancer

    Can I line a pan with parchment or wax paper?

    I use parchment! It works well for me.
  14. Saponomancer

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That's a nice smooth gradient, very pretty!
  15. Saponomancer

    Hello from Vancouver!

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here :D
  16. Saponomancer

    Who are your favorite youtube soapers?

    Royalty Soaps Ariana Arsenault Soaping 101 Soapqueen TV With special mentions for spicy pinecone and humblebee & me both of whom I've looked at for tutorial reasons.
  17. Saponomancer

    Twist up LS paste sticks

    I didn't come up with it! Its something some of the lovely folks around here did that I've remembered. I'm happy to share the delight though.
  18. Saponomancer

    Twist up LS paste sticks

    Pretty much yes! You can also do this if you want to use 100% coconut LS paste to make a stain stick.