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    road trip to Peak Candle

    Wow...I envy you!
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    Just ordered a Tank!!

    I had to wait 4 looong weeks to get mine. It took forever...but I have it now and I am happy :)
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    Weight Loss Thread

    OMG this made me laugh...this is exactly how I feel! i hate exercising even though when its over I like the feeling. i used to go to gym too, but I got tired of looking for parking every time and then waiting for machines...hell no! i canceled the membership and now I walk. But not every day as...
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    Salty Mariner, Tahitian Vanilla, Papaya Coconut and more...

    I like your soap and your son is so cute in that suite, but those bees....OMG...scary...
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    Ginger Peach & Oatmeal, Milk and Honey...yum

    Great soaps! is that sugar and oatmeal on top of that OMH soap? I see some crystals there or something.
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    Curing Rack Solutions

    I have to buy those shelves from Ikea. Can't wait for saturday. Yaay!
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    new find soap drying rack

    What a great idea! I will buy it too. Thank you for posting this.
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    How to prevent gel?

    I know it is frustrating to get partial gel. It hapens to me too and I hate it.
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    Dragon's blood

    Sorry, but Dragon's blood discolors to dark brown. Here is link to some pictures I posted not long ago. the fisrst picture is sopa with Dragon's blood. I put fragrance only to the bottom portion ... hp?t=30525
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    recent soaps

    I like them all. So earthy looking. Great job.
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    Oatmeal,Milk and Honey

    Looks great. I also love OMH soap.
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    My first batch

    You cannot measure your ingredients in cups when you are making soap. You need to measure in oz or grams and run every recipe through soap calc. There are a lot of turorials here for beginners and they are very helpfull.
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    Caramel Soap

    That soap looks amazing! I just want to pop one of those cubes in my
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    tweak my recipe?

    Yep, i had to re- melp bunch of my lip balms because they got grainy. I added ButterEZ and they are so smooth now. LOOOOVE !
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    My recent soaps!

    OMG this looks like chocolate bar.....yum! I want to take a bite! Very nice job.
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    Does this recipe look ok?

    Re: Done and DOne Why did you melt whole gallon on Palm Kernel. I like it because it comes in flakes, I melt only what I need for a batch.
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    Embeds and whipped soap, plus bombs, butter & lotion

    I love it. You sure were busy! I want to make bath bombs so of these day I will have ehough gutts to do it! Your bath bombs look so nice.
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    Palm Oil

    Yep, there are a lot of recipes with palm. I use lard instead but that does not work for some that are vegans like my co-worker.
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    WSP versus Brambleberry's.....

    It smells nice but it is not strong enough. It is just OK.
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    Dear Tide

    LOL...too funny!