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  1. NGA

    Help!!!! My cream appear bubbles

    i used distilled water and my containers and equipment are cleaned with alcohol
  2. NGA

    Help!!!! My cream appear bubbles

    thank you so much. but even if I replace herbal extract by water, it still has bubbles :(
  3. NGA

    Help!!!! My cream appear bubbles

    Hi guys, I've made some emulsion cream for hair. The bubbles start to appear after 1-2 days My recipe is Hot water phase: 38% water 5% Gleditsia australis extract 10% Aloe vera extract 20% PG 0.5% Sodium benzoat 3,5% Tween 80 Hot oil phase: 5% Coconut Oils 5% Shea butter 3% cetyl alcohol 6%...
  4. NGA

    Help! Lotion is bubbly/air pockets

    have you solved the problem yet? i have this problem too :(