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  1. LilyJo

    Question: Selling in the UK and beyond

    We've had this discussion before and I know you have your own view on OUR assessments and regulations and you can pull it apart as much as you want. However, the UK regulations for anyone who cares to understand it, who puts recipes forward for assessment, who formulates, who sells and who runs...
  2. LilyJo

    Question: Selling in the UK and beyond

    Not sure where your info is from but its not correct. You can have far more than six variations of each base and more than five additional ingredients - its just the cheapest assessment package from one supplier puts that limitation on it. I have a soap assessment with ten additional...
  3. LilyJo

    Question: Selling in the UK and beyond

    To be fair, the cosmetic regulations arent that bad - once you understand what is needed its not difficult to follow the rules. It just requires a bit more thought and creativity and a bit less sponteneity but its not hard to be compliant. Nothing wromg with the UK at all, I love my country -...
  4. LilyJo

    Question: Selling in the UK and beyond

    I have a feeling the IoM is another weird one - you might be better off asking in one of the facebook groups, there are a couple of really good ones
  5. LilyJo

    Question: Selling in the UK and beyond

    I think its a bit of a grey area (definitely as far as my understanding goes) - I think that NI whilst being a part of the UK you also need to register on the EU portal which you cannot do if you have a UK address. I am assuming its possibly the same for other territories.
  6. LilyJo

    New IFRA info?

    There is a new IFRA 49th amendment that is due to take affect from next year, it has reclassified products and also reduced some of the maximum percentages used. I know it affects a number of products but the biggest one (or rather the one that has bee talked about a lot) is the changes to...
  7. LilyJo

    Good Gravy! Shipping cost at Soaper's Choice, Whattttttt??????

    Gosh you guys are lucky - I wanted to order some ceamic stencils this week and shipping to the UK was £50!
  8. LilyJo

    DIY Bath & Body Sale on Etsy

    Their Etsy shop name is DIYbathandbodyshop
  9. LilyJo

    First timers, homemade essential oils

    Before you go too far down a rabbit hole, if you long tem aim is to see your products and are infusing your own oils or even distilling your own essential oils there are some restrictions on what you can use, the traceability, MSDS as well as maximum percentage of ingredients. Might be worth...
  10. LilyJo

    Packaging Dilemmas

    Assuming that you are in the UK, try Avery, FastPrint, InstantPrint or, tbh, a local printers. Also, if you look on facebook there are a quite a few small businesses who do soap and candle branding including labels and boxes - you could try Hoopsy Print.
  11. LilyJo

    UK site for a small order?

    To be honest, when I am still at the playing stage with a new recipe or design I just buy ingredients at Tesco or eBay. Its only once I know I need to go for an assessment that I narrow that down to suppliers who have the MSDS etc.
  12. LilyJo

    UK site for a small order?

    Most of them are B2B focussed and have low prices but higher postage - it depends if you are selling and need the documents or not as well. If not, you could order from Amazon or eBay, have you tried The Soapery for mica, they also sell on Amazon as well as on their own site? There are a few...
  13. LilyJo

    Hello from Wales, UK

    Welcome, good to see another UK soaper.
  14. LilyJo

    Rescue bunnies multiplied

    Oh I am in love! You look at these helpless fluff bundles and you wonder how on earth can anyone harm them much less test cosmetics on them. Having house rabbits when my kids were younger was the thing that made me more aware of so many ethical issues and although I have my dogs who I adore...
  15. LilyJo

    Rescue bunnies multiplied

    Oh how I miss our bunnies, its been adorable seeing how they change every day and I am so grateful to you for sharing them with us. I cant wait to see them up and hopping around!
  16. LilyJo

    CPSRs - 10% variant Query

    I think - and I am not sure - its oils + lye + 10% of the water, the fragrance is included in the 10% used for your variant
  17. LilyJo

    trade certified scales for soap making ( UK)

    I dont know where or why they would say that, you need trade scales if you are selling BUT the difference may be around how you choose to display the weight. This is the link to the .Gov info which should be what you use Weights and measures: the law
  18. LilyJo

    Rescue bunnies multiplied

    Ooh can we see more pictures please? Love seeing how they change daily, its so adorable.
  19. LilyJo

    Can I get the mad micas red set in Europe?

    You can have more than five ingredients in soap, the only restriction is based on which assessor you use and prices. The cheapest (or perhaps the most well known) package limits you to five additional items on top of your base recipe but I have other soaps assessed with more extras.
  20. LilyJo

    Donating hygiene products in UK

    To clarify. It doesn't matter whether soap is safe or not, if the charity wants to accept an unassessed product or not the law says it is not permitted. Max £10,000 fine or potential jail time for putting product "on the market " without assessment. On the market is defined as effectively...