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    Charcoal hand soap scummy

    That's very helpful. Thank you both! I'll try black mica in place of the charcoal and see if it gets me where I'm trying to go.
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    Charcoal hand soap scummy

    Hi gang, Has anyone got a solution to a charcoal liquid soap leaving soap scum on the inside of glass containers? I really want to use clear Boston round glass for my charcoal liquid soap because it looks rad as hell, but it looks a lot less rad when the bottle is half full and the inside of...
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    Separating liquid dish soap

    Hello! This is my first post here, but I've learned so much from the threads in this forum, so thank you to everyone for your years of commitment to helping people! I've been making liquid soaps successfully for a few years, but I'm trying a new recipe and I can't seem to determine why it keeps...