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    Dessert Soap

    I posted this on Craftster
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    Who are you on Etsy

    I'm :)
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    honey in soap

    I put mine it at trace too. i give it a whirl with my stick blender. I think i read somewhere that you can also mix it with the lye solution.
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    I want to order more dyes for CP online. But I don't want to order all of the colors separate again. Does anyone know of a site that sells a pack with a bunch of colors, and has quality colorants?
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    I'm at I think i am doing pretty well.
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    Oh No! A possible Disaster?

    Oh, its been out of the molds for a day. i panicked early. i apologize. it is beautiful soap though.
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    Oh No! A possible Disaster?

    Carrot Soap Coconut oil-30%-4.8 oz Olive-50%-8 oz Canola-20%-3.2 oz Pureed Carrots-6 oz Lye-2.27 oz Reserved a bit of olive oil and heated it with about a TBS of honey At trace I added Cinnamon and a little FO. and the honey/oil mixture. Coconut soap Coconut oil-30%-4.8 oz...
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    Oh No! A possible Disaster?

    I made two batches of soap a few days ago. One with pureed carrots and one with shredded coconut. They are both really soft and kind of crumbly around the edges. They had honey in them so i kept them in the fridge, and when I cut I used the same recipe i always use. Is it maybe...
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    Anyone from Pittsburgh?

    Yeah haha. I meant locally.
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    Anyone from Pittsburgh?

    I want to start a soapmaking group. Anyone here interested?
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    Help a girl out

    I used 9.12 oz water 3.37 oz lye 9.6 oz olive oil 6 oz coconut oil 4.8 safflower oil 3.6 sunflower oil this is a different recipe than i've used in the past, before i used all coconut oil and a smidge of olive and it hardened so fast, this is just weird and new to me.
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    Help a girl out

    Okay.I started CP a few months ago. Are my soaps supposed to be soft when i cut them? That probably sounds dumb, but i can't find out. after 24 hours my soaps are softer, and i slice them then. i really hope i am not messing up. i am really exact with my amounts and i make sure it...
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    new to cold process

    well, TECHNICALLY, there is no lye in the finished product. But still.
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    new to cold process

    yeah that doesn't exist. EVERY soap has lye. You're right,and she needs to stop telling her customers otherwise.