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    Virginia Candle Supply with CP

    I called the company because I could not find their usage rates. They answered first ring and gave me all the rates immediately. They were lower than for most FO I have used from others, but to be fair they were all pumpkin cinnamon type which are lower. But they told me they are changing the...
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    Any serious food dehydrator people here?

    I bought an inexpensive one at Walmart to do my dried herbs for soaps. I do plantain, dandelion, jewelweed, and mints; I use them for infusions in oils and for teas for soap. I do wish it had a timer. I am intrigued by doing yogurt........and would love to do meat and fruits. What kind of tray...
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    Question about gel

    I have no idea why I am getting these spots more lately. I looked back at all my first soaps from last year. I made over 100 batches, all different recipes. NO spots of any kind. This year, I am more experienced, and am having spots. Some are white and are through the soap. Stearic. Some are...
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    HP vs. CP liquid soap, dilution questions

    I have been making dual lye liquid soap cold processed. It comes out like honey, golden and thick but can be poured easily. It has a 0% sf. I use soapee calc. Use 10% Naoh, 90% KOH. I use a 3:1 amount of water to lye. I stick blend every time it separates through applesauce; then just cover and...
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    A picture of ricing, volcanos, separating, overheating

    Wow great pictures! I have made 4 soaps. 2 came out perfectly done in wood molds. The second set not so great: One gelled when it was in the mold so fast I could not get to the in 5 min. it started. Too hot I guess. It came out ok but it lost all it's scent. The last one I...
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    Nurture's Satsuma completely fades?

    I just used some nurture soap EO and FO yesterday. The soap with lemongrass is so strong today it is too strong in tbe room it is in and it wrnt to partial gel in the fridge. ...and the sandlewood and franken....the scents are gone and that one started to gel before I could get to fridge..but...
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    Using dried lemongrass in soap

    I have some frozen dried lemongrass. I infused it in olive oil but don't see much change in the oil. No real scent. Love lemongrass. I have the dried version as well and will grind it really well. Maybe tea leaves instead? Will use the lemongrass EO but also wondering if there is anyway to used...
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    First Time Using Calculator Questions

    Lots of good feedback. Yes when I really get to making soap it will be one of the easy plain soaps. I am also playing with the calculators to learn how to use them, so some day when I am ready I can make others. No harm in playing with the ratios and numbers to learn about soapmaking. Thank...
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    Substitute Oils?

    I was going to food process it fine and only add a little. I read about it somewhere or saw it on youtube...I made notes about it. I think it helps to extend the FO scent? There was mention of using cornstarch as an alternative, I will have to check back in my notes.
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    Substitute Oils?

    LOL re low carb bread! We eat LC HF ( high fat) as a means to counter boarderline diabetes and we dont have any bread like items. Our plan says no beans but I don't agree and I am going to try that recipe of yours! ..but back to soap! I was hoping for a little more longevity as the...
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    First Time Using Calculator Questions

    Awesome information.! Thank you . I will try this . I guess just using the Palm Oil would be easier but at least I am learning by playing around with it.
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    Substitute Oils?

    Yes you are correct, I need to keep it simple. I guess I want to make a variety of soaps to test! Yes that article is one I have referred to and read over a few times, and have to print I think. That whole site is awesome actually. Thank you.
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    Substitute Oils?

    Thank you. yes it is helpful....any information I can access as I go along will help me to learn more!
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    First Time Using Calculator Questions

    Some of my Amazon items are here and I am very excited to make my first soap. I found a recipe I want to make, on SoapQueen but it had palm oil which I want to take out. Following suggestions on that site I made alterations using calculator. It says not to discount the liquid and...
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    Substitute Oils?

    Yes, I was trying to make a shopping list and wanted to use that list...I have several calculators and articles on how to do that. It was just handy to put that in a binder for reference. Thanks
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    Substitute Oils?

    Thank you! So many options...that one chart was awesome but I still can't find it. ..oh well!
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    Substitute Oils?

    Does anyone know which site has the chart of oils and the substitutes that can be used? I was using it and should have bookmarked or printed...for what ever reason I am not finding it now. Lots of other info on many sites... but that chart was very simple and easy to reference. Not sure why my...
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    Substitutions ..making it vegan?

    Saving this...thanks!
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    Finding the right mold

    I thought maybe that might work..thanks for the confirmation. We shall see...
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    Aqua Di Gio, Black Raspberry Vanilla

    They look awesome. I make my first soon...hoping I can have something to show for all my reading and searching and studying. This is quite a science and art!