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    Browsing soap pics

    On that link it shows one technique using a chain. You know the chain that has those little balls on them. I think that is what she used.
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    Fresh Finds Coconut oil

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    Thick viscous Eo's in soap

    try castor oil. The beautiful, resinous material tapped from the Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae tree is a rich, dark brown color with a warm, vanilla and cinnamon-like aroma. ... Peru balsam is insoluble in water and fatty oils, but is soluble in alcohol and somewhat in castor oil.
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    Copper carbonate

    Copper Carbonate Page 1 of 10 SDS Preparation Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 03/21/2013 SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1. IDENTIFICATION Product identifier used on the label Copper Carbonate : Product Code(s) : None reported. Not available. : Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Chemical...
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    Oh Lordy! It's another lye masterbatching question!

    Here is how I do this. I use Soap Cal. When ever I make a recipe and get the view printout. I will immediately in the notes section Double my lye grams that I get and I label that Lye /water solution. I then subtract the water amount that I used in the lye/water solution and in my notes...
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    May Challenge (Mica Outline Swirl)

    In Stephanie's video, she mentions when you pour your base on the first layer that you tilt your mold so that you deposit some of the batter on all four sides of the mold. That technique keeps the mica oil away from the sides.
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    Borax Hand Soap for Blacksmith or other dirty work

    Can trisodium ethylenediamine discuccinate be sub'd for tetrasodium EDTA in Earlene's formula or can the EDTA be left out altogether. Is the EDTA there for the DOS surppression?
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    How to achieve navy blue in CP soap

    Some one above mentioned they use TD to compensate for the yellow in the base soap batter, if you are getting a navy green maybe the green is coming from you oils being on the yellowish side?
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    Browsing soap pics I found this blog. She used melt and pour embeds that she made in long cylinders and laid them horizontally in the soap batter.
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    Browsing soap pics

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    Impressionist soap

    Would you need a preservative if suspended in water? Maybe not if you used it all right away.
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    Browsing soap pics

    I saw this on some thread quite awhile ago. He/she used a funnel with a long tubing attached started from the bottom color and ran the funnel with tubing horizonitally across the loaf. I think a finger was used in the crescent of the funnel to stop the flow of the batter.
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    Round Clear sheet labels

    I agree with saponista. They can be a peata. I do the same thing with my rounds I print them on full sheet labels and then cut them with a scrap booking punch. If you do that and have a back ground you will want to draw a rectangle the size of the full sheet fill it with your background color...
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    SMF June Challenge - Mosaic Soaps

    1. mzimm - How timely-- you just saved my "unlovely" soaps from salting out today! 2. BattleGnome - don't know if I'll have time but I'll certainly try 3. My Soapy Heart - I kid you not - I was JUST contemplating on doing this anyway, I am sooooo in!! 4. AMD - not sure if I'll have time, but...
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    Anyone else make sauerkraut?

    my set up is just like yours, grommet and all.
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    Pine tar soap recipe help needed

    Neem oil is great. I believe that it is a very good choice for a soothing oil. I use Tea Tree and Orange EO and that seems to work to cover the smell. I also use Aloe Vera juice for the additional liquid when I use my 50/50 lye/water masterbatch and my olive oil I use is infused with...
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    Anyone else make sauerkraut?

    I do fermenting. Sauerkraut, kimchi, Carrot and daikon radish. Just do it in a 1/2 gallon ball Jar with a airtrap. Very easy to do.
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    Bastille: Part Deux

    love these. love the color combo
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    SMF May Challenge- Interpretation, not Imitation

    Are you using any clays?
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    Chemistry type question

    I'm not a chemist but I do not think so. The reason is unsaturated means that there are double bonds. The double bonds cause kinks in the structure -- it's no longer a straight carbon-hydrogen chain. So they can't stack up very easily --- the structures don't fit together. No stacking means no...