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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    Hi Pims! I realize this post was a while ago, but you had many of the same questions I am having about Aleppo soap; I am wondering if you were ever able to resolve them? I have never come across 30 or 40% LBO soaps, but I've heard the range of 2-20% repeated often. It does make sense that the...
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    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    Thank you! I really appreciate all of this wonderful advice. I got sidetracked with a few family issues over the last several weeks, but I'm soaping today and I will let you know what I do and how it turns out. I'm going to get this right or die trying! :mrgreen:
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    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    And one more question: What temperature are your oils/lye/milk when you mix them?
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    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    So what you're both really saying is: do the split method. :-D Ok. I'm gonna give it another go. I definitely like the idea of adding the milk powder, so that's something I'll order today. The last time I tried the split method, I ended up with a few lye pockets, but I think I might have...
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    Lye Problem with Milk Soap

    I'm just about to give up on milk soap. I've experimented with every variable I can think of - warm milk, cold milk, half milk, full milk, frozen milk, milk-in-oil, adding milk at trace, water discount, no water discount, soaping cool, soaping warm, various mixing times, straining the lye...
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    Dryness v. Hardness

    Hello everybody! :smile: Neophyte soapmaker here; only about 7 crock pot hot process batches so far, but mostly happy with the results. I'd like to make my bars a little less drying, but despite using SoapCalc, I'm just missing the mark. Here's what I've been doing as my base: 60% Olive oil...