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    Soap Scraps Ad Infinitum

    I use a slow cooker, but other soapers use a double boiler. I also make shaving soap. Since soy wax and stearic acid have high melt points it is easier IMHO to use hot process.
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    Soap Scraps Ad Infinitum

    I never throw away scraps. Too much of my hard work is in them! When I have enough, I rebatch into bars for personal use. The color is usually a homely brown but smells delicious with upwards of around 20 essential oils!
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    Oily odor in olive oil soaps

    Is it a rancid odor? If so your oils are old and going bad.
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    Is it normal for a broken bone to hurt during a rainstorm?

    Arthritis runs in my family big time. When I was little, I thought my old relatives were crazy when they said they could predict the weather based on how their joints felt. Now I can do the same, except for my knees which were both replaced.
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    Complacency Leads to Soap on a Stick

    Did you do the zap test on the spots?
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    The two word game - change one

    Humble Pie
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    Shave soap recipe

    Making shave soap is not for the faint hearted! It’s like you can toss out the window most everything you have learned about soapmaking! 🤣🤣🤣 I am surprised by your comment about taking a long time to trace. I use stearic acid instead of soy wax in my soap, and it traces almost immediately...
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    Complacency Leads to Soap on a Stick

    I’m glad you didn’t throw it out. It will be good soap after it cures, just rustic looking!
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    Are some soaps mislabeled "all natural" when they contain fragrance oils?

    I find soapmakers in my area will call their product natural if it is homemade, even if it is melt and pour in a neon color scented with fragrance oil. Mine are all cold or hot processed soaps with natural colors and essential oils. I just try my best to educate my customers, and if someone...
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    New soaper in need of encouragement... and advice. Thanks in advance!

    If you are able, make a small batch with exactly the same lots of all your raw materials EXCEPT the old castor oil. Use brand new castor oil instead. Use the same molds, cure the same way, etc. Then monitor for DOS. If no DOS in the same time period, your old castor oil was definitely the cause...
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    New soaper in need of encouragement... and advice. Thanks in advance!

    Did I read right that only some batches that used the old castor oil developed DOS? Anyway, I applaud you keeping careful notes on each batch. It really helps trace back when you see a problem. I feel comfortable selling after the curing period. That being said, I ran into a DOS problem 18...
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    What are these dots?

    I use a wire cutter too and see these sometimes. It's purely cosmetic. The wires can "pop" an air bubble or catch and pull out a little piece of the charcoal.
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    I'm disappointed Soapee is going away too. It was so easy to use when the recipe required a dual lye or additives. It even recalculated lye when using citric acid as a chelator. I will try out
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    What is this? Looks like mold or frost

    Soda ash can be caused by a high amount of water in your recipe. You might want to drop the ratio a bit - say to 1.7 or 1.5.
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    Ack! Kerblewy!

    When I make my coffee soap, I add the lye to cooled brewed coffee. It heats up more than water alone. I would like to try your method of having the lye brew the coffee and skip the coffeemaker step! As long as you allow the lye / coffee mixture to cool, it should not overheat your soap batter...
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    Zing's Apprentice

    Welcome Sting! You are learning from the best!
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    Newton’s Third Law

    Your old lard from 2022 probably did not cause the problems you had. If anything, your bars may develop DOS months down the road if the lard was going rancid. It would be an interesting experiment to make another batch with the 2022 lard now that you fixed the recipe. I bet it will turn out...
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    Stearic acid soaping temperature

    I use stearic acid in shaving soaps, and only do it hot process. My recipe works best temperature is around 55 - 65 C before I mix in the lye.
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    Newton’s Third Law

    I got a chuckle out of your description as Philippino fishball soup! Another thing that could affect how quickly your batter comes to trace is how hot your lye water and oils / butters were when you started. The hotter they are, the faster it traces. I am learning that when you use honey you...
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    Is this mold?

    Cool stuff! I make shave soap but in a cylindrical mold and cut into pucks so the water can evaporate out.