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  1. Johnez

    Shave Soap: Stearic vs. Palmitic

    Upscaling as in scaling up the recipes into larger batches? If so that's an excellent question. I've honestly not given that a shot yet as I've not created a recipe worth scaling up. I'm going the Benjamin Franklin route here and finding every combo *not* worth making LOL. I do have a tried and...
  2. Johnez

    Shave Soap: Stearic vs. Palmitic

    Another shave soaper woohoo! Welcome aboard! Thank you for the kind words. I can't take credit for the idea, but IMO microbatching shave soap is the way. Do you have an example of what you mean with the single prong? Personally I'm going to try using a stainless steel whisk.
  3. Johnez

    Shave Soap: Stearic vs. Palmitic

    Shave report incoming, well start with pics: Hystrene 9718 shave soap, a very decent soap. Lather-thick and substantial. Takes a while to get up there with some careful water additions, develops a nice perfect sheen tho. Shave performance-not especially slick, nor especially "amazing"...
  4. Johnez

    Myrrh Resinoid

    I'm guessing due to solvent this is a no go for soaping?
  5. Johnez

    Shave Soap Super Butter Shave soap

    @Nav have have you noticed any difference between refined and unrefined Shea and cocoa?
  6. Johnez

    Make your own 'colloidal oatmeal' for a fraction of the cost

    The vape crowd is where I got my accurate .01 g scale to make microbatches of shave soap, going outside the hobby sometimes yields the best solutions. :thumbs:
  7. Johnez

    Make your own 'colloidal oatmeal' for a fraction of the cost

    Genius idea 💡 Heck now I'm curious to try this.
  8. Johnez

    Soap makers' software??

    Accuracy issues can be addressed with the custom oil additions. You can specify fatty acid profile, SAP, Ins, and Iodine numbers. Here's an example, below is my favorite oil to use. Notice the AAA in n the name to give prominence in the alphabetized order lol:
  9. Johnez

    Fragrance Buddy- anything I just *have* to get?

    Wow. That is a dramatic change.
  10. Johnez

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body

    Thanks, downloaded it, and it's way easier to peruse.
  11. Johnez

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body

    I have a feeling identifying fragrance allergens is going to be fun especially considering FO companies recently went through the IFRA updates. We have lost quite a few companies in recent years. :-/ I gotta get a paper copy of the cosmetics section or find a more readable source. My phone just...
  12. Johnez

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body

    Also these guys have a detailed PDF: Curious about the cosmetics rules as it applies to shave soap. From the looks of it we should be able to manufacturer it without too much hassle.
  13. Johnez

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body,of%20cosmetic%20products%20and%20facilities. 8) Small Business Exemptions The...
  14. Johnez

    New US FDA regulations for Bath & Body

    This is the question I was wondering.
  15. Johnez

    Shave Soap KOH vs NaOH+KOH - Is there any benefit to NaOH in shave soap?

    I see a lot of recipes call for a 60/40 mix, however I have not figured out if there are any other benefits to NaOH other than hardened soap. Is there any lather or performance wise? I ain't cutting pucks so I'm not super concerned about hardness, but I don't want to leave any benefits on the...
  16. Johnez

    Roundish soap-how do I make that?

    This is almost exactly what I'm looking for.
  17. Johnez

    How do you make a perfectly white soap? I've been challenged..

    I think the longer the cure with this one the better. Feels harder and better at 8 weeks than 4. Have a bar saved for 12 weeks and 16 and will update. My girlfriend also mentioned the flexibility.
  18. Johnez

    Sticky soap when washing off . Looking for help with recipe .

    How longs it cured for? Perhaps giving it a few more weeks or months might improve the feel.
  19. Johnez

    Roundish soap-how do I make that?

    Thank you Ali, searching the ovals did yield some better results. Found one at CandleScience too.
  20. Johnez

    Roundish soap-how do I make that?

    Kinda tough to put together the proper search terms to get what I'm looking for without getting lost in the weeds. So basically what I'm looking for is something that can recreate a zest or coast bar without sharp edges. A 3D oval. There are tons of round but flat molds out there. The closest...