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    Can you make CPOP without an oven? YES!

    Thanks for your post, I’m looking for an oven alternative, going to try this, how is it going since you posted this?
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    new shop oven for making a heat box

    Hi, I’m very interested in hearing more about using the convection oven. Which one do you have? I used to use an oven with just the light on for 24 hours now I don’t have that option anymore and looking for an alternative
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    Soaping in the cold

    Hi Vicki C, this sounds like the closest replacement of an oven to me, I would so appreciate more info, I use tall and skinny molds so I’m assuming I would need perhaps 3 pans. How did you rig the heat pad? I put my molds into my oven with just the light on for 24 hours, I’ve moved to the loft...