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  1. Lolly58

    Game ┉ Would You Rather?

    2 million dollars Would you rather have 1 year of free unlimited groceries or 1 year free unlimited gasoline?
  2. Lolly58

    The two word game - change one

    Party Planner
  3. Lolly58

    The word association game

  4. Lolly58

    Looking for a Coconut Scent

    2 weeks ago I bought a small bottle of Coconut Bourbon from Lonestar Candle Supply in Keller Tx. It is amazing. I made lotion bars with it , and not only sold out at the farmers market but also have orders for several more. It is a subtle coconut fragrance with a hint of the bourbon.
  5. Lolly58

    Has Anyone Ever Heard of This?

    I just passed on it. They call themselves a candle supple but mostly specialize in freshies. I live close to a candle supply in Fort Worth and even most of their fragrances are also body safe. I asked them about it also, and they have never heard of it either.
  6. Lolly58

    Has Anyone Ever Heard of This?

    I went into a craft store that sells mainly supplies for candles and freshies, however they had an incredible selection of fragrance oils. When I asked if they were body safe, they informed me that they didn't know because it costs extra from their supplier for them to be given that information...
  7. Lolly58

    The two word game - change one

    No Limits
  8. Lolly58

    The two word game - change one

    Whistle Blower
  9. Lolly58

    The word association game

  10. Lolly58

    The 4-letter game

    Fly To Europe Now SHOP
  11. Lolly58

    White Candle Dye

    I am looking for liquid candle dye in the color white. Does anyone know where I can find this? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Lolly58

    Post your happy

    I am happy that I’m home and the bf is cooking
  13. Lolly58

    Ylang Ylang

    I use Ylang with sweet orange for my lotion bars. It’s one of my best sellers. I have even had people that can’t stand ylang tell me they really like the blend.
  14. Lolly58

    The word association game

  15. Lolly58

    Your name

    Sparkling Strawberry Sunset
  16. Lolly58

    The word association game

    Burrito ( I’m from the south)
  17. Lolly58

    Lone Star Fragrance Review

    I live about 10 miles from Lone Star. I personally do not like their fragrances. I have to use twice as much and the scent doesn’t stay. I was very disappointed because they are so close.
  18. Lolly58

    The word association game

  19. Lolly58

    Lone Star Candle Supply

    My supply company downsized and moved to another state. Since I also moved I started buying from Lone Star which is about 20 minutes from my house. I’ve used their scents in both candles and soaps. It seems I’m having to use twice as much as I normally do. Has anyone else used this company and...
  20. Lolly58

    Worst fragrance

    I got a free sample of peanut butter fragrance and it was awful!! I don’t use petitgrain essential oil either. Smells like wet dirt.