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  1. zanzalawi

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    1. peachymoon - I’ve been wanting to try this! 😄 2. dibbles - I wonder what colors to put in my one pot 🤔 3. AliOop - this one has been on my Try List, too! 4. Tara_H - great excuse to keep trying this! 5. Vicki C - oh this looks like fun... 😬 6. Jersey Girl- Another technique I’ve been wanting...
  2. zanzalawi

    Just a Little Bit Excited

    moms are the best!!! @Misschief enjoy those!
  3. zanzalawi


    i personally prefer lavender lotion- 2/4/8, same for soaps in the past when i've shopped for soap, it drove me crazy to have the drop down menu with all the fragrance options- like i want to see each bar :D
  4. zanzalawi

    Venturing into m&p

    i've been looking at their website for a while and thinking about my wishlist i've only used the crafters choice detergent free bases. i'll have to try the catalina sometime! :D
  5. zanzalawi

    Ideas for meaningful gift

    you make awesome soap! soap and a personal note is pretty much the best ever! so sorry your daughter is going through this, i hope things are wonderful for her after the holiday break. she's so lucky to have a mom who is advocating for her like you are! i thought school was hell when i was going...
  6. zanzalawi

    Joyous Yuletide from Catahoula Bubble Company

    happy yule! beautiful doggos too ;)
  7. zanzalawi

    Happy Winter Solstice

    i'm late to this thread but i'm still celebrating none the less :D happy solstice! may the return of the light bring brightest blessings to you and yours
  8. zanzalawi

    Venturing into m&p

    the bases of m&p that i've used can accept a fragrance load of 3%, which for the scents i've used has been strongly scented i generally like to have my blocks prepped so when i want to make a batch of whatever- its super easy to grab some and go. i cut the entire block into little cubes so they...
  9. zanzalawi

    Holiday decorations

    we’ve been celebrating all month, the kids have been bouncing off the walls Our tree is all shatterproof ornaments at this point in the game, my blown glass ornaments haven’t seen the light of day since Dorian was born lol. here are our little Yule goats and sunwait candles I finally got the...
  10. zanzalawi

    Holiday decorations

    are those ornaments woodburned? love your little tree
  11. zanzalawi

    Oven Rebatch (CP)

    i'm glad i stumbled upon this. i've been rebatching in an old crockpot that heated unevenly and scorched my last batch so i sent the crockpot to the crockpot graveyard and now i'm going to try this method thank you @Zany_in_CO
  12. zanzalawi

    What soapy thing have you done today?

  13. zanzalawi

    First Soap in 2# Mold

    love your drop swirl! well done!
  14. zanzalawi

    Hello from Colorado

    always interested in learning more welcome chris! :)
  15. zanzalawi

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    @KiwiMoose something bright and wild! pink zebra? or a lime zebra. or bright and sunny smelling with like hot pink, orange, yellow. energizing and uplifting haha these are ones that have been on my to-do list for quite a while and yeah, i'm not getting to them for a bit :D
  16. zanzalawi

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    misnomer- should have been "scream cream" :eek:
  17. zanzalawi

    Feels good to be soaping again

    ooooh i love this soap! the scent, the colors- its gorgeous!
  18. zanzalawi

    First of 5 day Craft Fair

    poop soaps are so popular and so gross lol so glad your fair turned out well @cmzaha !! did you have any soap left to haul home?
  19. zanzalawi

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I tried to stencil soap last night, scented with birch wood oud from BB It’s a stencil of birch trees, I used a dark grey and a black mica with vodka and a sea sponge After two bars- I got thinking it just wasn’t clear enough to tell what it really was I tried more alcohol to wipe it off and...
  20. zanzalawi

    Frankincense & Myrrh FO

    i've been debating all weekend if WSP's sale price for F&M justifies an order. i used the last of mine a month ago :(