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    Why won't people actually use my soap!

    @ lpstephy85- I hadn't thought of using the soaps to scent my drawers or house- thats a good selling point and possibly another way around the "it's too pretty to use". If it's decorative, position the soap as an artful centerpiece for the guest room and such... All the best!
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    Currently making Aleppo Soap

    Aleppo- amazing pictures The pictures of the aleppo soap look amazing! About 6 months ago, I purchased Laurel Oil to make aleppo soap-it was a very hefty price and I have been hesitant to make it. Considering the cost of the oil and the curing time, I'm not really sure what to set the sell...
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    Why won't people actually use my soap!

    It happens to me, too. I have been told countless times that my soap is just "too pretty to use". I am new to soap making and did my first craft fair just last month- I heard that comment so many times. I mentioned this to a friend and described the objection to being too pretty to use. She...
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    Coconut Oil - Main Ingredient?

    Susie- Nice RWE quote! I'm going to save that and post it to my fridge!
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    lining wooden molds - part 1

    My dad made molds for me (awesome!) but i've had such a difficult time lining them with freezer paper. Yesterday though, my son, on his first attempt to line the wooden mold, perfected it! His very first time. I've watched youtube videos, looked at pictures, and just struggle with lining them...
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    Red Colorant for CP

    Thank you! a big THANK YOU to all who replied! Also appreciated the pictures you sent showing the red colorant. All the best! Cynthia
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    Red Colorant for CP

    Does anyone have suggestions for a true red colorant for CP soaping? All the best, Cynthia
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    Organizing and storage

    Thank you Thank you for all the great ideas!!
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    Organizing and storage

    I just started making body butters and products that require essential oils- I have a lot of essential oils, but can't think of a good way to organize or store the oils. Does anyone have ideas for organizing and storing the bottles? Appreciate all of your ideas- I need the help. Thank you...