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    Help with a recipe please!! I wish I were a scientist...

    They have rice bran oil @ TSC? How much is it?
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    Help with a recipe please!! I wish I were a scientist...

    I would sub 5% of the shortening for castor if you have it on hand.
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    CP, HP, RTCP?

    Exactly. You should be careful of course. I look at it like this. If you ever do any sort of candy making or deep frying that is just as dangerous as lye. I lady where I work had a horrible injury this year making some sort of candy for Christmas. A pot of 300+ degree boiling sugar or oil is...
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    CP, HP, RTCP?

    Well I have never done MP :oops: . But I would recomend RTCP to anyone
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    CP, HP, RTCP?

    What I do for RTCP is: Make lye solution, melt oils, wait till both are around room temp (usually around a couple hours) then get my soap on. It seams easy but it works for me. I was shocked the first time after months of standing over 2 pots contantly checking temps to find out that I could...
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    CP, HP, RTCP?

    I agree with Faithy. I have never tried HP but I started doing RTCP a few months ago and am hooked. Thank you Paul and Shannon for turning me on to it!
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    Red Oxide Powder Pigment

    Hey guys. I just picked up some of this for a strawberry soap I am planning. Any idea about a PPO use? I have never used it before. I will most likely make a 46 ounce of oil batch.
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    Help for a newbie!

    The way you get paid is pretty much up to you. You can exept Paypal (advised) or choose to collect payments through the mail. As for paying Etsy, you must pay your Etsy "bill" monthly using the credit card on file. It should be fairly small though especially at first. Maybe your friend would let...
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    Soapcalc Share

    Looks like I am winning the "softest soap award" I have yet to figure out how to get my hardness over 40 without losing conditioning? Oh well, it seems hard enough to me after cure, so I am keeping. Does Soapcalc take into acount the soft oils like olive and soy that take on more hardening...
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    OK I have seen it now. Very nice. I enjoyed it!
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    Soapcalc Share

    Wow! That sounds like a lathery soap!
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    I am @ work and youtube is one of our no-no sites :roll: Maybe I can check it out later.
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    Soapcalc Share

    I thought it may be fun to share little info on our Soapcalc numbers. I know a lot of people are understandably secretive of their recipes but lets post our best an/or favorite recipe's Soapcalc numbers. This one is my favorite so far. I have actually come up with a couple that I feel have...
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    Shipping Prices are murder!

    Does WSP doe that Tab? I emailed them about an order I was going to place and they never answered me. They were going to charge me 12.00 for a 1 lb box (all FO's) I asked for a discount and never got a reply. I still shop with them though because their prices are great and they are super fast. I...
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    Lotion Bases

    Hello all. I am thinking of ordering a lotion base. I would like to offer some matching lotions with my soaps but I have never done any before. I have been looking at this one because I love wholesale supplies and am really trying to buy everything I can from them...
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    Cant find old recipe...

    That is a great recipe. It was the first recipe I made and it turned out very well. Although be advised I think that exact recipe makes about 7-lbs of soap.There is also a "Paul's Wal-Mart Soap" recipe floating around that is great for beginners. I personaly would advise against using honey in...
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    I am finding this extremely interesting -

    Thats the ticket for me. Thats how I do it as well.
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    My absolute favorites- soap art

    Wow! Thanks for making me feel bad :oops: J/k those look great!
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    Use mandolin strings. Mandolins are tuned to a higher octave over a shorter neck. There for their strings are tougher and wound tighter than guitar strings. They are also thinner.
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    What's your temp?

    A balmy 9 f. I am freezing lol This is Alabama we arent suppose to get cold.