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    Dry Skin !

    i put Genny 's recipe in the calculator, and i think it will be so good ! but so soft and it will not last for a long time!? and i don't have avocado oil so i decide to put sunflower oil at 20% and 10% beef tallow (for some hardness ) but it will be also soft :/ (maybe i will add some salt !)...
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    Dry Skin !

    hi everyone! i'd like to make a facial bar of soap for my dry skin, so what do you suggest for me to use as % of CO , Castor oil , also superfat% .... i'd like to make it very gental and very conditioning , can you give me some advices ? also which of those ingredients can i use : moroccan red...
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    Essence - fragrance WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ??

    hi everyone! i'm confused about the difference between essentiel oils - essences - fragrances? i found in a small shop an ESSENCE of orange blossom but i'm really confused if it is like an EO or a FO.? i'm developing my lip balm recipe and when i use EO on it the scent disapear in 3-7 days so i...
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    Fast Curing

    hi everyone ! i want to cure my recipe faster (50%OO, 28%CO, 12%Beef Tallow, 10%Castor, 5%Super Fat) right now i use 38% water as a % of oils , and i read that the discount of water help to cure soap quickly. so how much discount i need to make ? Or do you suggest me to add any other...
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    chamomile EO !

    here in my city , FOs are hard to find (i found a little store that sell some imitative FOs like HugoBoss , Luxe .... but not for natural scent ) so this is why i would like to use EO and not FO ! do you suggest me any good EO scent ? and would the imitative FO work if i add them in my recipe ?
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    chamomile EO !

    hi everyone ! i made my list of ingredients for my first recipe with (50%OO, 28%CO ,12% Shea butter and 10% Castor oil ) i want to add some chamomile EO on it , but i'm little bitte confused . i read that EOs lost their scent after a couple of weeks or days , so i have some questions ? is it...
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    Need to Get start !

    thanks alot Lenarenee , here in Morocco i have the access to organic shea butter (has a yellow color) beef or cow tallow also sheep tallow . what do you think ? and if i use the amounts that you give me (68%OO, 20%CO, 10%shea, and 5%castor), how it will take to cure ? i mean if there is any way...
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    Need to Get start !

    hi Everyone ! i'm a new soapmaker and i really LOVE the idea of making soap it's been a while i read alot of about the process, problems and technics, so i want to make my first step and get start. i bought almost what i need to make soap,materials, lye (NAOH) ,oils,..... but i really found...